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Monday, July 29, 2013


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IslamiCity Hajj 2013!  

Go on the journey of a lifetime, which every Muslim desires to take. Those fortunate enough to go are considered guests of God.

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* Due to visa restrictions this program is for US Residents only.

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Don't miss the last ten days of Ramadan  
Observing a retreat in the mosque is of the best things we can do during the last ten nights of Ramadan
The last ten nights of Ramadan are very special.

The first of these nights occurs on the eve of the 21st day of Ramadan. In other words, it is the night that commences after the completion of the 20th day of fasting.

Sometimes there are only nine nights, whenever the month of Ramadan lasts for only 29 days. Nevertheless, they are still traditionally referred to as "the last ten nights".

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Ramadan Unplugged: The last ten days  

Muslims have spent two-thirds of the month of Ramadan in physical restraint and silent contemplation, and it is in the last third - the last ten days of Ramadan - where the remembrance of God approaches its peak. It is during this time that the practice of fasting and prayer is perfected, and the uninhibited communication between God and His servants takes place. This is the time for the most heartfelt prayers for forgiveness, for deep soul-searching, making amends to friends, and spending freely in charity.

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Arabic Calligraphy. Large Faux Canvas Frame. 
Crystal Model: KAABAH. 
Towards Understanding The Quran. Pocket Size. 

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Watch Taraweeh Prayers  
Watch live Taraweeh prayers from Makkah and Madinah.  For an earlier recording of the the days prayers - click here.



Allah has favored Friday over all other days, the month of Ramadan over all other months, and the Night of Destiny (Lailatul-Qadr) over all other nights.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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