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Monday, July 11, 2011


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Learn how to be a successful leader
An online Islamic Management workshop
This online course is ideal for those who want to acquire a unique perspective on Islamic principles and their relationship to management and leadership in the real world. 

Beneficial for:

Non-profit administrators, community organizers, mosque leaders, youth coordinators, social activists, business-men/women and others.


Dr. Rafik Beekun
Professor of Management and Strategy,
University of Nevada, Reno

Course Topics:

  • Leadership from an Islamic Perspective
  • How does Islam Guide Us in Managing Stress?
  • Managing Conflict in Islamic Organizations
  • Business Ethics from an Islamic Perspective
  • Team Building in Islamic Organizations
  • Communication from an Islamic Perspective
  • Time Management for Islamic Organizations

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              Listen to Dr. Jamal Badawi: Human Nature in Islam




The Muslims are coming  
Demographic terrorism

The message of the phobic U-tube production entitled "Muslim Demographics" (Don't encourage the site by searching for it) is a well-crafted and well-biased call to action against Muslims.  The only practical problem is that the federal government can't afford to build concentration camps big enough to hold them all.  The clear message is that the time to act is now, and that failure to act decisively will mean that the governments of America and Europe will soon be Muslim and start building concentration camps and gas chambers for the declining Christian populations left behind.  The video itself provides no sources for the data on which it bases its case for immediate action.

This popular video is being sent out widely by email.  The demented messengers of evil, found in every religion nowadays, who have produced this video deserve to be prosecuted in the International Court of Justice for conspiracy to commit global genocide.  Fortunately, they are so absurd that they are shooting themselves in the foot and may eventually become irrelevant, along with all their sympathizers. 

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From Hate to Love - Story of Adiy ibn Hatim   
In the ninth year of the Hijrah, an 'Arab king made the first positive moves to Islam after years of feeling hatred for it. He drew closer to faith (iman) after opposing arid combating it. And he finally pledged allegiance to the Prophet, peace be on him, after his adamant refusal to do so. 

He was Adiy, son of the famous Hatim at-Ta'iy who was known far and wide for his chivalry and fabulous generosity. Adiy inherited the domain of his father and was confirmed in the position by the Ta'iy people. Part of his strength lay in the fact that a quarter of any amount they obtained as booty from raiding expeditions had to be given to him. 

When the Prophet announced openly his call to guidance and truth and Arabs from one region after another accepted his teachings, Adiy saw in his mission a threat to his position and leadership. Although he did not know the Prophet personally, and had never seen him, he developed strong feelings of enmity towards him. He remained antagonistic to Islam for several years until at last God opened his heart to the religion of truth and guidance. 

The way in which 'Adly became a Muslim is a remarkable story and he is perhaps the best person to relate it. He said: 

"There was no man among the Arabs who detested God's Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, more than I ...

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IslamiCity Service


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Moral Teachings of Islam - Human Nature in Islam PART 3  
Dr. Jamal Badawi is "Professor Emeritus" at St. Mary's University in Halifax, Canada, where he served as Professor of both Management and Religious Studies.

In this third part of this series of interviews Jamal Badawi discusses
the "Human Nature in Islam."




NATIVE DEEN - Deen You Know  
Noor's journey began over eight years ago when four friends were asked to perform at the opening fundraiser for an Islamic school in Riverside, California. Drawing their inspiration from well known munshids such as Abul Jood and Imad Rami, this group of friends began meeting once a month to practice songs and technique. Noor, alongside these pioneers of modern nasheed, aims to offer Muslims around the world a hip Islamic alternative to standard commercialized music with the release of their first album, All for You.


One of the first legal Muslim Music Download websites that supports the artists



Family Ties for good health and prosperity

The Prophet said, ... Whoever would be glad to have his livelihood expanded and his life prolonged should maintain family ties.

The Wisdom of the Prophet, Selections from the Hadith.
Translated by Thomas Cleary


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