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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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IslamiCity Hajj 2012!  

Join IslamiCity Hajj - The journey of a lifetime, which every Muslim desires to take. Those fortunate enough to go are considered guests of God.

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Starting at $4995!

* Due to visa restrictions this program is for US Residents only.

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Reflections on the Branches of Faith  
The Love of God is the spring from which faith flows and the foundation from which our following of the example of the Prophet is born. It is narrated in an authentic tradition of the Prophet Muhammad that he said:

"Faith is seventy-something branches. The highest of the branches is the statement 'There is no god but God' and the lowest of them is to remove something harmful from the road. Modesty is from faith." (Muslim) In this simple tradition the Prophet clarifies to mankind that faith requires more than lip-service. Faith is an ongoing struggle towards improvement, a journey of actualization and a mission of carrying the message of truth to all of creation.

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Building a Relationship with the Quran  

Certain basic states and attitudes of heart and mind are a necessary prerequisite to any fruitful relationship with the Qur'an. Develop them as much as you can. Make them part of your consciousness, keep them ever-alive and active. Integrate them in your actions. Let them penetrate the depth of your being. Without the help of these inner resource you will not receive your full measure of the Qur'an's blessings. They will be your indispensable companions, too, throughout your journey.

These inner resources are neither difficult nor impossible to find. Through constant awareness and reflection, through appropriate words and deeds, you can acquire and develop them. The more you do so, the closer you will be able to come to the Qur'an; the closer you come to the Qur'an, the greater will be your harvest.

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BISMILLAH. Large Faux Canvas Frame. 

LARGE CRYSTAL QURAN. Engraved with Surah Fatiha & Begining of Surah 2 in GOLDEN LETTERS.

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Hajj: ABC News - The Hajj Pilgrimage  
Following writer/producer Michael Wolfe, this short film documents his second Hajj for ABC News' Nightline. One of the more than seven million Muslims in the United States, Wolfe is a convert to Islam, born to a Christian mother and a Jewish father.



 To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness.

Ali ibn Abi Talib (598 CE - 661 CE)


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