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Monday, May 16, 2011


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Learning Arabic Online  

Arabic is spoken by almost 200 million people in more than twenty two countries, from Morocco to Iraq, and as far south as Somalia and the Sudan.

As the language of Quran it is considered as the first language for Muslims throughout the world.

Now from the convenience of your desktop or laptop you can learn Arabic from one of the worlds leading sources for online Arabic learning.

A team of Arabic language teachers are ready to respond to any of your questions related to learning Arabic.

Make a commitment to learn the magnificent language of the Quran.

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Actual Testimony

I finished Arabic 100 just today and love it! It is such an excellent program and I have learned so much already. I begin Arabic 101 tomorrow and am looking forward to it.

Thank you for sponsoring this program through  your website. I wouldn't have known about it otherwise and may have continued to put off applying

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A river in heaven  
Explanation of Surat al-Kawthar

Anas said, "Once the Prophet was sitting with us and suddenly he dosed off. A short time later he raised his head and said, "A chapter was revealed to me earlier." Then he read, "Indeed, We have granted you al-Kawthar. So, pray to your Lord and sacrifice. Indeed, the one who insults you, he is cut off." The Prophet asked, "Do you know what is the kawthar?" We responded, "Allah and His Messenger know better." He responded, "It is a river that God, the Mighty and Exalted, promised me. There is an abundance of good in it. It is a fount that my community will gather by on the Day of Standing [the Day of Judgment]."

Anas bin Malik (may Allah be pleased with him) was not from those who accepted Islam in Mecca. In fact, it is well known that he became Muslim in Medina. Thus, it was impossible for him to have witnessed any revelation that took place in Mecca. Based on this, it is safe to say that this chapter of Qur'an was revealed in Medina, and that the verse "Your enemy" was not revealed about al-As bin Wail as will be discussed shortly, insh'Allah.

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All is from Allah ... and a little from Abdullah  
Kullu min Allah... u'shwaya min Abdullah. (All is from Allah... and a little from Abdullah.)

The first part of this saying is frequently spoken by elder Bedouin, usually in cases of misfortune, and is accompanied by a shrug of the shoulders. All is from Allah: fortune and adversity, joy and suffering, life and death. All is determined, all is written. There is an Intelligence at work that keeps this vast universe in order and determines the role and path of each particle of its infinitude. Like the cells in a body, we live and die in service of something incomparably larger.

And yet, we have become an odd type of cell that believes unshakably in its own existence as apart from the whole. Today, the "Kullu min Allah" view seems quaintly fatalistic and a disclaimer of personal responsibility. We have come to value above all else our power and our right to determine, if not the outcome of what we do, at least the direction and content of our lives. We believe firmly that we form our own fate. If things seem to go contrary to our wishes, it is because we have not been vocal enough in asserting them, or strong enough to conquer obstacles.

We are not ones to trust in blind forces, and certainly not in any divine representatives of those forces.

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IslamiCity Service


SHAHADAH. Framed Faux Canvas Print. 
Framed Faux Canvas Print: Overall Size 7.5 x 7.5 inches.
Framed Faux Canvas Print: FOUR QULS. 
Dua from the Quran (Surah 114). 

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I am My Brother's Keeper  
Talk by Richers Silverstein speaking at the conference "Confronting Islamophobia." May 7 2011 at St. Marks Cathedral - Seattle, WA.




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Jesus (pbuh) used to say, Charity does not mean doing good to him who does good to you, for this is to return good for good. Charity means that you should do good to him who does you harm.

#36 The Muslim Jesus by Tarif Khalidi.

The Muslim Jesus: Sayings and Stories in Islamic Literature (Convergences: Inventories of the Present)

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