In the name of God, the beneficent the merciful

"He [God] grants wisdom unto whom He wills: and whoever is granted wisdom has indeed been granted abundant wealth. Quran 2:269"

Grandfather's Wisdom
Play fair in sports, as well as in all worldly matters. Justice is the cardinal law in Islam Share every thing with others --- there is blissful joy in sharing and caring. Put things back where you found them, you will be happy to find it there when you need it. ..
Wisdom of Imam Ali
Zayd ibn Suhan al-Abdi came to Ali, asking: O commander of the faithful, what kind of sovereignty is the most overwhelming and powerful? -- Base desire, he replied. ** Who is the strongest of people? -- The one who controls his anger. ** Who is the most mature? -- The one who never flies into a rage.
Prophetic Wisdom - Generation Gap
The Generation Gap is a continual source of pain and confusion for every successive generation and is often seen as the difficulties and struggles represented in the attitudes and experiences of people of differing ages who share the same time span.
Return to Wisdom
A Friday sermon delivered by Zaytuna College President, Hamza Yusuf. Sheikh Hamza starts with explaining how the word "hikma" is what the Quran uses for Sunna, because the Prophet in his Sunna always does the right thing
Fighting Extremism With Knowledge: Learning The Lessons Of Muhammad
We know a lot about the Prophet Muhammad as a man because personal recollections of him, first passed on orally, were put down in writing about two centuries after his death. These narrations are part of what’s called the Hadith, and they’re important Islamic texts.
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