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Tuesday, May 8, 2012




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Repentance - The Solution  
Malik ibn Dinar, may Allah be pleased with him, narrated:

I read in some of the books of wisdom that Allah Most High says: "Indeed, I am Allah, the King of kings. [The kings] hearts are in my Hand. So whoever obeys Me, I will put in the hearts of those who rule over them mercy and compassion [upon the people that they rule over], and whoever disobeys me, I will put in the hearts of those who rule over them wrath. So do not busy yourselves with insulting the kings, but instead, repent to Me [tuboo elayy], and I will put in the hearts [of the leaders] compassion and sympathy for you." [Safwat at Tafaseer, V.1, p.419]

Lesson: Let's stop complaining and blaming. Let's turn back to Allah and repent to Him, work on our individual relationships with Him, and insha'Allah we'll see the fruits of that tawbah on an ummah-wide scale.

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Journey Called Life  

Subhan-Allah! According to the Population Reference Bureau's "2010 World Population Data Sheet" (28-July-2010), 4.45 people are born every second worldwide, on the average, and 1.8 people die every second. Another way to look at it is: 267 are born and 108 die on an average, every minute.

We were all born on a certain day, in a certain place at a certain time, to a certain household assigned through the decree of Allah, our Creator & Sustainer of the worlds. (Rabb-il-Aalamin). As I sit down and think of this great blessing bestowed on me, I sadly also delve and reflect on the shameful fact that I have done nothing significant on my part, to show my gratitude and thankfulness for this wonderful favor that was showered upon me. Human beings consider themselves physically, mentally, socially intellect & adept in every faculty and superior to all tangible creations of Allah SubhanavaTaala. 

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The SHAHADAH ( Kalima ) with english translation engraved on a Crystal Fan. 8 inches high, 5.5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep. 
BISMILLAH. Overall frame size 6 x 8 inches. 
20 Favourite Tales from the Quran

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Forgiveness - Sadullah Khan  
In this video, Imam Sadullah Khan discusses forgiveness - an attitude of the divine. Imam Khan highlights the names of Allah swt in the Qur'an which reflect divine attributes, As important as it is to believe in the mercy and forgiveness of Allah, Imam Khan points out, it is also necessary to base human relations on forgiveness.




 Faith is not something
to grasp, it is a state to
grow into.

Mahatma Gandhi  (1869  CE - 1948 CE)


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