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Tuesday, May 6, 2014  

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Car donations are turned into much-needed funds to:
  • Expand Dawah call Center activities.
  • Support new Muslims with much needed educational resources.
  • Provide new Muslims with Quran learning tools.
  • Increase awareness by providing information, access to news and stories, and an interactive forum for Muslims and non-Muslims.

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    Death is the easiest of all things after it, and the hardest of all things before it.

Abu Bakr As-Siddiq    
Senior companion and the father-in-law of Prophet Muhammad and became the first Muslim Caliph.


Life and beyond according to the Quran Talking about death is not going to kill us
In the Quran life in this world is an inseparable part of a continuum, a unified whole - life, death, life - which gives our life a context and relevance. In this context, the life of the individual is made meaningful and enriched inasmuch as it is full of 'good works'.  The most appropriate words have been used in the Quran for describing the fact that we will one day die. God is telling us that the only sure thing in this life is death. Day to day awareness of death can assist us in living life fully.
Life and death
The meaning of life and death in Islam, Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism.

Color and Learn Muslim Names
BISMILLAH Etched by Hand 
Dervish Holding A Rosary. 
ALIFI QURAN. A Unique Deluxe Edition of The Holy Quran.

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