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"The most hated person with Allah is the most quarrelsome person."

- Prophet Muhammad

Message and Method of the Prophet
Some of the major aspects of the mission and method of Prophet Muhammad are eloquently presented in a speech which one of his companions, Jafar, made to the Christian ruler of Abyssinia ..
Freedom of Speech: An Islamic Perspective
Numerous examples can be cited from the Islamic history where freedom to express one's opinion not only existed but was also encouraged.
How the Prophet Taught Moral Lessons
In Madinah, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to set aside time every morning to teach his Companions. He was renowned for his eloquence and clarity of speech. He did not speak too quickly, and though his phrasing was precise, he did not speak slowly, or in fragments with lots of pauses.
Who Speaks for Islam?
John Louis Esposito is an American professor of International Affairs and Islamic Studies at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.
Do Western Muslims face a free speech double standard?
PBS Documentary
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IN PURSUIT OF JUSTICE. The Jurisprudence of Human Rights in Islam
This book covers various human rights subject matters from an Islamic persprective. Subjects include Justice, Constitutionalism, Democracy, Sanctity of Life, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, The Status of Women etc.

ALIFI QURAN. A Unique Deluxe Edition of The Holy Quran. Pure leather binding with gilded pages. Large Size, about 11.50 x 18 inches.
A masterpiece of Arabic calligraphy..

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