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Thursday, May 4, 2011


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iPhone App: IslamiCity Prayer Companion  

IslamiCity Prayer Companion iPhone app is the prefect companion for your prayers needs.

No need to set your city. Based on location services the app will always:

  1. Locate accurate direction for prayer
  2. Display prayer times in your time zone
  3. Push prayer alerts
  4. Provide lush graphics for inspiration
  5. Flexible settings for prayer time calculations, compass type and advance adjustments to accommodate various methods. 

For a limited time the Prayer Companion is available for FREE.

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When do we stop creating terrorists?  
In 1985, President Ronald Reagan received a group of beardedmen. These bearded men I was writing about in those days in The New Yorker, actually did. They were very ferocious-looking bearded men with turbans looking like they came from another century. President Reagan received them in the White House. After receiving them he spoke to the press. He pointed towards them, I'm sure some of you will recall that moment, and said, "These are the moral equivalent of America's founding fathers". These were the Afghan Mujahiddin. They were at the time, guns in hand, battling the Evil Empire. They were the moral equivalent of our founding fathers!

In August 1998, another American President ordered missile strikes from the American navy based in the Indian Ocean to kill Osama Bin Laden and his men in the camps in Afghanistan. I do not wish to embarrass you with the reminder that Mr. Bin Laden, whom fifteen American missiles were fired to hit in Afghanistan, was only a few years ago the moral equivalent of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson! He got angry over the fact that he has been demoted from 'Moral Equivalent' of your 'Founding Fathers'. So he is taking out his anger in different ways. I'll come back to that subject more seriously in a moment.

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War and Peace in the Quran  
The Islamic relationship between individuals and nations is one of peace. War is a contingency that becomes necessary at certain times and under certain conditions. Muslims learn from the Qur'an that God's objective in creating the human race in different communities was that they should relate to each other peacefully (Quran 49:13).

The objective of forming the family unit is to foster affection mercy, and that of creating a baby in its mother's womb is to form bonds of blood and marriage between people:

It is He who created the human being from fluid, making relationships of blood and marriage. Quran 25:54

Sowing enmity and hatred amongst people is the work of Satan:

Satan wishes to sow enmity and hatred between you with intoxicants and gambling. Quran 5:91

Division into warring factions is viewed as a punishment that God brings on people who revert to polytheism after He has delivered them from distress:

...He able to divide you into discordant factions and make you taste the might of each other... Quran 6:65

War is hateful (2:216), and the changing of fear into a sense of safety is one of the rewards for those who believe and do good deeds (Quran 24:55). That God has given them the sanctuary of Mecca is a blessing for which its people should he thankful (Quran 29:67).Paradise is the Land of Peace - Dar al-Salam - Quran 6:127).

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11 x 17 inches. Juma Masjid DARWAZA, Delhi
Apple 16 GB iPod Nano (Graphite) .
Unholy War : Terror in the Name of Islam (John L. Esposito)
SHAHADAH hand engraved 

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Special: Seeds of revolution  
A film following the activists who led Egypt's revolution, as they attempt to capitalize on their unexpected success.



I found a religion that blended scientific reason with spiritual reality in a unifying faith far removed from the headlines of violence, destruction and terrorism.
Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens)

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