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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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This is a unique online tool which enables a user to create a custom built Quran Recitation Compilation 

  • Add verses to your compilation hand-pick or by topic. 

  • Set repetitions count to help memorize the Quran. 

  • Recitation by Abdul Basit with English Audio Translation (optional). Included with your membership.

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Dimensions of the Quran - Acts of kindness  
Surah Al- Ma'un Acts of Kindness / Service to the Needy (Quran Chapter 107)

This chapter is a Makkan revelation according to the majority of Qur'anic scholars. According to some authorities this is a Makkan-Madinan revelation (The first three verses are said to have been revealed in Makkah and the rest in Madinah). Yet this chapter in its theme and structure is one interwoven entity, aiming at the establishment of one of the most fundamental aspects of faith. It must be added here that the strongest evidence favors the view that the whole chapter was revealed early in the Makkan period.

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The man we love and follow  
The more one reflects on Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam - saws), the more one is bound to marvel at this noble Messenger of Allah (subhanahu wa ta'la) and to grasp the truth of these words in the Qur'an: "Surely you have been created in an exalted stature." (Al-qalam, 68:4) Let us consider just five aspects of our beloved Prophet's character.

First, we see in Muhammad (saws) a perfect integration of words and deeds, of all aspects of his inner and outer life. He practiced what he preached. There was no discord in his character. His speech and actions perfectly reflected his true nature. This is why his keenly observant and sensitive wife Ayesha (radi Allahu ta'la anha), when asked years later what he had been like, could say without a moment's hesitation that the character of Muhammad (saws) was the Qur'an itself. 

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Kitab Al-Itisam by Abou Ishaq Ibrahim Ibn Musa Al-Shatibi
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Suhaib Webb: Kindest Beautifies Whatever It Touches & Tawbah Starts With Allah



My heart is clouded until I have asked God's forgiveness seventy times during the day and night.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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