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"Knowledge is my companion, it is with me wherever I go. My heart is its container, not the bookshelf."

- Ali ibn Abi Talib

The pleasures of seeking knowledge
Seek knowledge and wisdom, or whatever the vessel from which it flows, you will never be the loser ..
What a Rabbi Learns from Muhammad
Over the years I continued to read the Qur'an and other Islamic books. I read these books as the Prophet taught his followers in a Hadith "not as a believer, and not as a disbeliever". What does that mean?
Islam Came into My Life Unexpectedly
The more I learned and accepted the better my life became. My inward rebellion and self-pity dissipated as I submitted to Allah. Peace entered my life.
The Life of The Last Prophet
The biography of Prophet Muhammad's life and a remarkable product which does more than educate; it draws the listener into the story through Yusuf Islam's wonderful voice and the latest sound-effect technology. Read by Yusuf Islam
Islam, the Quran, and the Five Pillars All Without a Flamewar
John Green teaches you the history of Islam, including the revelation of the Qu'ran to Muhammad, the five pillars of Islam, how the Islamic empire got its start, the Rightly Guided Caliphs, and more. Learn about hadiths, Abu Bakr, and whether the Umma has anything to do with Uma Thurman (spoiler alert: it doesn't). Also, learn a little about the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims, and how to tell if this year's Ramadan is going to be difficult for your Muslim friends. Let's try to keep the flame wars out of this reasoned discussion.
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What Islam Is All About (Excellent Dawa Book)
The Most Popular Textbook on Islam In North America (hardbound)

What is Sufism?
Martin Lings provides an excellent and authoritative introduction to the mystical movement of the Sufis based on his lifelong interest in Islamic culture..

The Cambridge Companion to the Qur'an (Cambridge Companions to Religion) (Hardcover)
‘This collection of essays, lucidly written and edited, will provide an indispensable resource for students, teachers, and scholars in Qur'anic studies.



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