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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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The man who knew it all   
Ali was a philosopher who thought he knew all there was to know. Everyone agreed that he had a broad knowledge of the sciences and the arts, yet he insisted on bragging to one and all that he was the smartest man in town.

Ali's friend Sam was bothered by this arrogance and tried hard to make 'Ali see the world around him with open eyes. His arguments, however, were unproductive. After talking the matter over with a sailor he knew, Sam decided to encourage Ali to go on a sea voyage. Such a trip would show Ali other ways of life and expose him to difficulties that he would otherwise not experience. To his surprise, Ali liked the idea, and so the arrangements were made.

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What can we learn from the parable of - The Spider?  

The word "Parable" comes from Greek and means "comparison". Parables are told in the Quran to illustrate a lesson from a religions point of view and to convey a moral wisdom. It is a teaching method that makes it easier to understand and to remember deep truths in an effective way. This kind of profound meaning can only be understood by those who seek true knowledge and attains it by the Grace of Allah. 

One great comparison is mentioned in Chapter 29, Al Ankabut - The Spider. To get an in-depth view, the chapter also narrates the stories of Qarun, Firaun and Haman from the period of Musa's Prophet hood. These were all tyrant people who oppressed the Children of Israel and committed great sins. 

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The Sun Is Rising In The West  
Join us as host Angela Collins (a Muslim convert herself) explores the lives of newly converted Muslims in an in-depth interview of how and why they choose to take the path of Islam.



 I know God won't give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish he didn't trust me so much.

Mother Teresa (1910 CE - 1997 CE)


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