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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


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Learn how to be a successful leader!  
This online course is ideal for those who want to acquire a unique perspective on Islamic principles and their relationship to management and leadership in the real world.

Beneficial for businessmen and businesswomen, non-profit administrators, community organizers, mosque leaders, youth coordinators, social activists and others.

Dr. Rafik Beekun, Professor of Management
and Strategy, University of Nevada, Reno

Over 11 hours of video content,
plus downloadable notes and online quizzes

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Watch: The Muslim Jesus




Jesus will return  

Jesus ('Isa) (Upon whom be peace), just as all the other prophets, is a chosen slave of Allah whom Allah assigned to summon people to the true path. However, there are some attributes of Jesus distinguishing him from other prophets, the most important one being that he was raised up to Allah and that he will come back to earth again. 

Contrary to what most people believe, Jesus was not crucified and killed nor did he die for any other reason. The Quran tells us that they did not kill him and they did not crucify him and that Allah raised him up to Him. In none of the verses, is there an actual reference to his murder or that he was killed, apart from the verse (ayah) which denies that it happened.

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Look for your heart in three places  
The word "heart" is one of the most commonly used motifs, metaphors, and symbols in human history. It is a term whose definition is broad enough to include the fierceness of strength and courage as well as the tenderness and vulnerability of intense emotion. Traditional science, however, has downplayed the heart as merely a monotonously contracting muscle, while the brain is touted as both the center and originator of intelligence and feeling.

In spite of this, the tendency to ascribe psychological sensitivities to that constantly beating organ continues to haunt contemporary human thought. At the language level, the word "heart" remains a strong conveyer of emotion and meaning. 

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Ottoman Women Myth and Reality
Complete Quran Recitation 

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The Muslim Jesus  
Documentary aired on ITV about Jesus in Islam With commentary from Hamza Yusuf and Abdur Raheem Green.



By God, anyone who is a threat to his neighbor is no believer.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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