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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


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Donate your car for Dawah!  

Your donation will benefit Islamic Outreach Services, to continue and improve our collective mission of promoting justice, peace and harmony. IslamiCity's Outreach Services is working to provide Islamic education and an objective view of Islam around the world.

Car donations are turned into much-needed funds to:

  • Expand Dawa Call Center activities.

  • Support new Muslims with much needed educational resources.

  • Provide new Muslims with Quran learning tools.

  • Increase awareness by providing information, access to news and stories, and an interactive forum for Muslims and non-Muslims.

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Watch: Defining Jewish/Islamic Art




The story of Passover in the Quran  
In the Quran, one of the most recounted stories is the story of the bondage of the Children of Israel and their deliverance from Egypt's Pharaoh.

Many Jews may be surprised to learn that Islam as preached by Muhammad was the same religion preached by Abraham , as well as of all other prophets mentioned in the Torah and the Bible. Muslims honor all the prophets of the Jews - Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, David and Solomon (peace be upon them all) among others - as their own prophets.

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Prophet Abraham - The inter-faith superstar  
All prophets / ambiya are said to have spoken with divine authority; but only those who have been given a major revelation are titled "rasul' or messenger. Notable rusul/messengers include prophets Adam, Noah/Nuh, Abraham/Ibrahim, Moses/Musa, Dawud/David, Jesus/'Isa, and Muhammad (peace be upon all of them). 

Prophet Ibrahim is considered the first known international religious personality; having been born in 'Ur/'Urfa, traveled throughout the Middle East, established in Jerusalem, ventured to Makkah and lies buried in Hebron, Palestine. Each of these places still of historic, religious and spiritual significance today. 

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Defining Jewish/Islamic Art  
Dr. Vivian Mann shares the history and heritage of Jewish Islamic art and architecture from Spain and North Africa at the World Monuments Fund event.



That person earned salvation, who accepted Islam and was given provision (rizq) according to his needs and he was content with what God bestowed upon him.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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