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Tuesday, March 18, 2014  

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Before You Say "I Do" - An online pre-marriage workshop

This course will help you develop the skills needed to have a successful marriage filled with love, compassion and cooperation.


Noha Alshugairi, Marriage and Family Therapist
Metra Azar-Salem, Marriage and Family Therapist
Munira Ezzedine, Marriage and Family Therapist
Jihad Turk, Director of Religious Affairs, Islamic Center of Southern California

Beneficial for individuals contemplating marriage, prospective brides and grooms, family advisors, counselors, youth leaders and others.

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    To spend more time in learning is better than spending more time praying; the support of religion is abstinence. It is better to teach knowledge one hour in the night than to pray all night.

- Prophet Muhammad  


Studying Islam Fundamental principles of understanding hadith
To challenge the simplistic notion that Islam is still in its medieval period, we must engage it academically for its own sake - not simply out of self-interest. Interest in Islamic studies has expanded in recent years, but not always for the best of reasons. We study and ponder over ahaadith (sayings and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad ) to fully benefit from the prophetic knowledge transmitted to humanity in the form of traditions. 
Education Innovation
Salman Khan discusses using video to reinvent education. From TED 2011. 

Color and Learn Names of the Family of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
SIX VOLUME SOFTCOVER EDITION. THE MESSAGE OF THE QURAN. Arabic Text, English Translation & Transliteration by MUHAMMAD ASAD. 
LARGE CRYSTAL QURAN. Engraved with Surah Fatiha & Begining of Surah 2 in GOLDEN LETTERS.

Save with this Set of FOUR Frames. 

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