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Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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Learn how to be a successful leader!  

This online course is ideal for those who want to acquire a unique perspective on Islamic principles and their relationship to management and leadership in the real world.

Beneficial for businessmen and businesswomen, non-profit administrators, community organizers, mosque leaders, youth coordinators, social activists and others.

Dr. Rafik Beekun, Professor of Management
and Strategy, University of Nevada, Reno

Over 11 hours of video content,
plus downloadable notes and online quizzes

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Watch: Jesus led me to Islam




The importance of Quran  
Anybody who understand would never go to sleep without having recited these two verses. Therefore, you should make special effort to learn these verses, and at the same time, teach your family members how to recite them 

Those 2 verses are Quran 2:285-286 :

"The Messenger has believed in what has been revealed to him from his Lord, and the believers as well. All have believed in Allah, and His angels and His Books, and His Messengers. "We make no division between any of His Messengers," and they have said: "We have listened, and obeyed. Our Lord, Your pardon! And to You is the return."

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Islam, prophets and mosques  
Islam is the truth which Allah made man's permanent companion on the earth as soon as he was sent to it, on account of that truth being meant for him. Numerous prophets from different epochs and in different geographical settings were chosen to perform the task of conveying and explaining the truth of Islam to people. The long process commenced with Adam, the first man and prophet on earth, and came to an end with Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the seal of prophets, after humankind had reached a point where a final, universal, eternal, and all-inclusive divine message was possible. 

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SHAHADAH. Framed Faux Canvas Print. Overall Size 19 x 8 inches
SET OF FIVE Differen Color Tasbih's . 99 Acrylic Beads in Each Tasbih. 

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Jesus led me to islam  
Former Episcopal priest Ann Holmes Redding explains how she came to embrace Islam to ABC News. 



Give alms from your right hand, but your left hand should not come to know of it.

Prophet Muhammad   (570 CE - 632 CE) 


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