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"When someone hurts you or harms you, even if it is a deep wound, forgive them. Forgive them NOT for their sake, but as a sign of gratitude to Allah. Why you ask? For making you the victim and not the oppressor. There is no crime in being a victim, rather it brings you closer to Allah and rids you of sins. But as for the oppressor, they’ll have to face their Lord one day. So in reality, they are their own greatest victims."

- Suhaib Webb

What Is my Islam?
My Islam is foremost about reason. It is about harnessing one's capacity to understand the complexities of this world and beyond. The mind and the pursuit of knowledge are central to comprehending, to the extent that is possible, what is the divine.
Shaping consciousness through Islam
Islam, like Christianity, has witnessed, from the outset, a struggle between a narrow and literalist interpretation in opposition to the intellectual tradition grounded in philosophy and reasoning.
11 reasons to explore Islam
Within Islam it is both legitimate and right to ask the question: "Why Islam?" Every tenet in Islam is subject to analysis and contention.
Religious status of the world before Islam
Study the biography of the single greatest human being that ever walked the surface of this earth, whom Allah sent as a Mercy to Mankind. Seerah of Prophet Muhammed
Beyond Tolerance: Islam and Pluralism
Tariq Ramadan is a Swiss academic and writer. He is also a Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University. He also teaches at the Oxford Faculty of Theology.
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Reasons and Occasions of Revelation of the Holy Quran
This book explains and reveals the reasons and occasions in which Allah SWT revealed His Divine verses upon His servant and messenger, Muhammad (s), New Edition. Arabic & English. Hard Bound.

Blessings, Great Looks and Affordability come together in this elegant ELECTRIC TABLE LAMP About 12 inches diameter. Engraved with the SHAHADAH and BISMILLAH. (USA ORDERS ONLY).

The Prophet`s Mosque at Medina.
The affordable gift idea! Blesses and beautifies the home. Faux Canvas. Overall Frame Size 20 x 24 inches



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