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Friday, February 25, 2011



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Prophet: Say I am only a mortal like you  
A reading of Prophet Muhammad's life, and the life of his companions, teaches us how to react to real and perceived insults. Whenever the Prophet was insulted he responded with stoic calm, answered hate with love and hostility with graciousness. He was called names, trash and even thorns were thrown in his path. Enemies would surround him and talk loud to drown him out when he spoke in public. It is reported that the fellow who negotiated the Hudaybia treaty with him would touch his beard in an unwelcome show of familiarity infuriating the Prophet's companions. But for all of the real and perceived insults his response was to remain calm and ask his companions not to get angry. His logic was simple; even the worst offenders could turn around and become friends and even followers. An angry response would be counterproductive. 

The way to show love for a person you admire is to emulate his behavior and not get emotional and angry to the point of killing someone or getting killed. Those who promote this type of angry response need to go back and read and reflect on the Seerah (Biography) of the Prophet. The strongest among people, he taught, is one who can overcome anger.

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Showing Off  
We shouldn't praise people too much. This doesn't mean that, for example, if you get a very high score on your GRE or MCAT and you tell your roommate, "Alhamdulillah I got the national high for the GRE!" that he should respond with, "So what?" No, he should be encouraging and say, "Alhamdullilah." The meaning of alhamdu is that praise goes back to Allah (swt). Praise be to the One Who guided you to this good thing. Sometimes, we don't like to show emotion; like when someone says, "That's fine. I'm glad you've memorized the Quran." We should be saying, "Alhamdullilah! Masha'Allah!" Allah (swt) says, "But as for the favor of your Lord, report [it]," (Qur'an, 93:11). The Prophet said that Allah (swt) likes to see the effects of His blessings on you. But don't go crazy. Don't go to one extreme or the other.

You have to realize that most of the diseases of the heart are solved by "iyaka na`budu (it is You we worship)." (Qur'an, 1:5). When we say "iyaka na`budu" arrogance, for example, is wiped away. Being scared is wiped away. Shirk (associating partners to Allah) is wiped away. Being lazy, misguided, miserly or devious is wiped way. Most of the diseases of the heart are cured by struggling to obey Allah (swt). Sometimes you wonder, "Subhan'Allah how long do I have to keep going through this internally?" Iyaka na`budu. I'm waiting and I'm trusting in You. One day You're going to fix it for me.

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Social Networks & Social Revolutions  
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Don't turn your head. Keep looking at the bandaged wound. That's where the light enters you. And don't believe for a moment that you're healing yourself.

Jalal ad-Din Muammad Rumi - (September 1207 17 December 1273). 13th-century Poet, Islamic jurist, Theologian, and Mystic.

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