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"The ink of the scholar is more sacred than the blood of the martyr."

- Prophet Muhammad

How the Prophet Taught Moral Lessons
In Madinah, Prophet Muhammad used to set aside time every morning to teach his Companions. He was renowned for his eloquence and clarity of speech. He did not speak too quickly, and though his phrasing was precise, he did not speak slowly, or in fragments with lots of pauses. It was easy for everyone to follow what he said. ‘A’ishah described his way of speaking as follows: “Allah’s Messenger did not ramble on the way you do these days. His speech was clear and precise. Those who listened to him easily remembered what he said.” [Sahih al-Bukhari (3568) and Sahih Muslim (2493)]
Following Muhammad’s (PBUH) Footsteps
When I started to write a book about the Messenger , it was quite important for me to reconnect the academic work that we have, when it comes to talking about the prophets and messengers which are the facts, the substance and the scientific dimensions or historical dimensions, with something which is very important in academia: not only to look at the facts but to look as a fact to the way people understand their religion. It is a fact that has to do with scientific approach.
Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): A Man of Character
There are many instances in the seerah (Prophetic biography) that illustrate the moral soundness of the Prophet Muhammad. One of these stories exemplifies the strength of the trust people had in him. It happened near the beginning of his prophethood. He summoned the people of Quraysh to the foot of a mountain and called out to them, saying: “Would you believe me if I told you an enemy host was waiting behind this hill to attack you?” Everyone, including those who would soon become his enemies, agreed that they would believe him.
The Great Love Story In Islam: The Prophet (PBUH) and Khadija
One of the greatest stories of time surrounds the relationship that the Prophet (Upon Him Be Peace) and his beloved wife Khadija. It is one of the greatest love stories in Islam, as it demonstrates the beautiful relation between a man and woman. There are various examples throughout their story of love, mercy, companionship, friendship and so much more.
The Mercy of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)
Belal Assaad speaks about the compassion and mercy of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam - peace be upon him) towards the world. Not only to mankind, but all of creation. The speaker shares stories and examples from the life of the Prophet (pbuh) of how he was compassionate towards different beings in his life. How he showed compassion towards all creatures, human beings, and even the jinn. His compassion towards women and children, his wifes, his sons and daughters, and the sons and daughters of all believers. The poor and the old, the sick and the sad, the animals, and the insects even. How he showed compassions towards even the enemies of Islam.
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