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"None of you truly believes until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself."

- Prophet Muhammad

Tolerance in Islam (Lessons from history)
One of the commonest charges brought against Islam historically, and as a religion, by Western writers is that it is intolerant. This is turning the tables with a vengeance when one remembers various facts: One remembers that not a Muslim is left alive in Spain or Sicily or Apulia. One remembers that not a Muslim was left alive and not a mosque left standing in Greece after the great rebellion in l821. One remembers how the Muslims of the Balkan peninsula, once the majority, have been systematically reduced with the approval of the whole of Europe, how the Christian under Muslim rule have in recent times been urged on to rebel and massacre the Muslims, and how reprisals by the latter have been condemned as quite uncalled for.
Morality and Religion
Morality can be based only on religion, but morality and religion are not one. Morality as a principle does not exists without religion even thought morality as a practice, as a particular case of behavior, is not dependant directly on religiousness. A common argument that connects them both is the other, superior world. Because it is the other world, it is a religious world; because it is a superior world, it is a moral world. This shows both the interdependence of religion and morality as well as their independence of each other. There is a certain inner consistency that is not automatic, mathematical, or logical but rather practical; divergencies are possible but sooner or later the dependence is reestablished.
Kindness The Insignia of a Loving Heart
It is easier being kind to those whom we consider deserving of our sympathy, but true kindness means practicing generosity of heart without discrimination. We may find ourselves wrestling with the apparent irregularity of being kind to those who have not treated us well; where our kindness may not stop the recipient from being hostile or inconsiderate towards us. It is when we display kindness in these circumstances that we present the best of ourselves. How magnanimous the mercy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) at the conquest of Makkah when he readily forgave the Makkans who had for years persecuted, excommunicated and exiled him, his family and followers. Here was an expression of kindness from a merciful one that emanated from a forgiving and a loving heart.
Tolerance and Compassion in Islam
Karen Armstrong lecture on Tolerance and Compassion in Islam.
An Hour of Inspiration Kindness
Sister Soraya M Deen
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Introducing the Quran : How to Study and Understand the Quran
The Qur'an is a collection of divine revelations delivered to the Prophet of Islam, directing him to communicate these revelations to mankind.

The Best Loved Prayers From The Quran. Hardbound. For Ages 7 and Above.
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The Transcendent Unity of Religions
It is the kind of work which lasts forever, because what it teaches us is something which does not change with time.



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