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- Eleanor Roosevelt

Islamic or Muslim Architecture
Many people wonder what authentic Islamic architecture and its scope are, and whether it is appropriate to qualify such a wonder as Islamic, Muslim or something else, architecture. Much has been written and said about the subject, yet scholars and researchers vastly differ over it. It is an endless, but at the same time enthralling, debate.
Sustainability and Piety
Indeed, sustainability in architecture is possible only when there is sustainability in values and philosophies that underpin the former, giving it its identity, vigor and direction. Moreover, sustainability in architecture is possible only when there is sustainability in people’s intellectual, spiritual and moral predilections whereby the philosophies and values of a sustainable architecture are one and the same as those personified by people: the conceivers, patrons, creators and users of architecture.
The Qur’an and Sunnah as the Foundation of Islamic Architecture
Concerning the realm of architecture, the role of the Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah is to provide the Muslims with an inspired outlook on life, in general, and on those issues that are pertinent to architecture, in particular, and with some broad rules of morality and guidelines of proper conduct which may or may not be directly related to architecture. Upon such a divine outlook and general principles and guidelines Muslims are invited to establish architectural theories, systems and styles that are consistent with both their religious preferences and the requirements of their diverse eras, geographic regions, cultures and other practical needs.
Masjidil Haram & Makkah Development
Proposed designs for the Haram
Inside Mecca
An intimate look at the Islamic spiritual pilgrimage to Mecca.
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Muslims in American History: A Forgotten Legacy
There are many legacies within American history that have been inadvertently forgotten. The book pays homage to one such forgotten legacy-the role of Muslims in American history.

SALMA ARASTU. THE LYRICAL LINE. WORKS FROM 1998 - 2008. This book has 120 full color images and it is hard bound with 104 pages.
She claims the aim of her art is bring diverse people to one God..

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