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Friday, January 14, 2011


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Work for this life as though you are going to live forever --- Work for the Next life as though you will die tomorrow.

Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib: (600 661 CE) Fourth Caliph, Cousin and Son-in-Law of Prophet Muhammad (saws)

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Religion and Science   
With a little interest I viewed a video of a somewhat celebrated atheist discussing his visit to a Muslim school in the UK.

During his trip, he claims to have noticed students quoting verses from the Qur'an which, he says, were scientifically inaccurate.

The verses which spoke of two bodies of water that don't mix were clearly misunderstood, and thus misinterpreted.

Therefore they were obviously 'scientifically incorrect' to the atheist since he didn't understand them properly in the first place.

Be that as the case may be, it is important to understand that the Muslim does not use science to qualify the Qur'an.

Rather it is the Qur'an that is held as the gold standard and is used to qualify the world around him: astronomy, biology, chemistry, even finance and economics.

Using science to qualify scripture is by origin a European-American practice where, as the New World was discovered, great effort was made to separate religion from state.

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The spirit of marriage  
The Prophet was once asked, "What is more important than prayer?" He replied, "The spirit of prayer" - the spirit that animates the prayer. He was asked what is more important than fasting - he replied, the spirit of fasting. For each question concerning an Islamic practice the answer was the same - because the spirit brings the action to life and unfolds its potentials. Without this animating spirit, the prayer is only movement, and the fasting only hunger. But when spirit enters, when a pure and concentrated intention enters, the action is transformed - the prayer gains the potential to become a miraj (an elevating spiritual journey), and the one fasting approaches towards the potential to witness laylatul qadr (the night of destiny - a night when blessings from the spiritual world descend to this world).

So what is more important than marriage? It is the spirit of marriage, the intention which underlies it, the treasures which it contains hidden within it but which must be brought out and realized by the married couple themselves.

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Sudan: History of a Broken Land  

Al Jazeera News takes a special look at the turbulent history of a country on the verge of a momentous decision-

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