ForeWord Magazine's Book of the Year in Religion.
SKU: 03702-6255 - THE SUFI DOCTRINE OF RUMI (Books - 103 PAGES - William C. Chittick - ENGLISH, AMZBK)

Detailed Description:
Although Rumi has become one of Americaís favorite poets, very little is known about the underlying metaphysical foundation which illuminates his language. With beautiful illustrations from the world of Persian Sufism, this authoritative introduction opens the door to Rumiís spiritual universe and it highlights Rumi as a beacon of light whose teaching dispels the shadows which prevent modern man from seeing even his own image in its true form and knowing who he really is. Containing chapters on Sufism and Islam, The Nature of Man, and Operative Sufism, for readers who are already sensitive to the magic of Rumiís poetry, this succinct book provides the necessary insight required to more fully understand the world of one of the greatest spiritual figures in the history of the world.


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