SALMA ARASTU. THE LYRICAL LINE. WORKS FROM 1998 - 2008. This book has 120 full color images and it is hard bound with 104 pages.
She claims the aim of her art is bring diverse people to one God.
SKU: 03602-6353 - SALMA ARASTU. THE LYRICAL LINE. WORKS FROM 1998 - 2008. This book has 120 full color images and it is hard bound with 104 pages. (Books - 103 Pages - Salma Arastu - English, )

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"I have been painting for thirty some years. Some works are direct influences of Indian folk or miniature art. Others are total abstracts. In my efforts, I have tried to bring Eastern spirituality, and western techniques of painting learned over the years. Through the contrasting elements in my work, I yearn and search for unity and when that unity or balance is achieved, it brings about a tranquility and joy. I have traveled and extensively, from India to Iran to Kuwait to UK, Germany and to US. And last year I have moved from Bethlehem Pennsylvania to the East Bay. I have lived for long periods with amazing people and fascinating communities. Folk art, miniature art and Arabic Calligraphy are three strong influences on my art, adopted along my journeys. All textures and all colors are assimilated on my surfaces. I am creating a body of work of through continuous, lyrical line, to express joy in the universal spirit that unites humanity. Undefined energy inspires me to fill the surface of the canvas with moving lines and penetrating textures. I apply layers of colors and then embroider with pen and ink. It is an ongoing process. The different layering materials that I use bring out subliminal images. In my present works the theme is people. Crowds of people, moving together, merging together, in groups, conversing, dancing or arguing. People of all lands with their colorful fabrics and intimate gestures, lyrical movements and intricate patterns." Salma Arastu And now in December 2008, her new book of art and poems in English is published by Half Full Press from Oakland California in their series of Emerging American Artists program. The book is titled “ The Lyrical line” and has more than 100 images of her works from last 10 years. About her book Salma says: “My paintings celebrate life. In this art book I have tried to trace with lines and color a trajectory of the human emotions that all of us feel no matter where we are from and what our individual situations are".
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