Study Of Roses & Other Flowers. Box of TEN INTERFAITH Cards with envelops.
SKU: 12602-6729 - Study Of Roses & Other Flowers. Box of TEN INTERFAITH Cards with envelops. (GreetingCards - - - English, )

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Why You should send Interfaith, Sufi Wisdom & Museum Masterpieces Greeting Cards?

By twisting the truth about Islam and Muslims, a small number of anti-Muslim ideologues have managed to take over the discourse and create a hostile environment for Muslims. The root cause of all this hostility is ignorance and misinformation.

What can we do about this? The inevitable answer is, "Work harder at educating the American public about Islam."

We at IslamiCity feel that the best way to engage and build bridges with "the other" is through art, sports, culture and food! To this end we have published a range of Greeting Cards that illustrate the universal values shared equally by Islam and other traditions worldwide.

The IslamiCity Collections of Interfaith, Sufi Wisdom, Museum Masterpieces & other Greeting Cards feature outstanding works of art.

More to the point, the art is paired with accurate, carefully researched, informative captions that make the art intelligible to the uninitiated.

These Greeting Cards are a great way to initiate a fruitful, one to one, personalized dialogue. We encourage you to put them to good use both at a personal and business level.

IslamiCity Greeting Card Specifications:

* Printed on heavyweight white paper stock.

* Folded card size : 5 1/4" x 7 1/4".

* Premium matching envelopes, size 5.25" x 7.25".

* Plenty of blank interior space for handwritten personal messages.

* Packed in an attractive crystal clear Polypropylene box.

* Choose from a wide variety of compelling styles and colors.

* All IslamiCity Greeting Cards can be personalized with your corporate logo and message. Call 310 642 0006 ext 202.

* IslamiCity is a Non Profit Organization. Your purchases help support our mission of outreach and Islamic education.

Warning! Do not compare with cheap, mass produced cards. The paper and printing for these cards are of exceptional quality.

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