ALIFI QURAN. A Unique Deluxe Edition of The Holy Quran. Pure leather binding with gilded pages. Large Size, about 11.50 x 18 inches.
A masterpiece of Arabic calligraphy.
SKU: 03705-6858 - ALIFI QURAN. A Unique Deluxe Edition of The Holy Quran. Pure leather binding with gilded pages. Large Size, about 11.50 x 18 inches. (Books - - - Arabic, )

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Detailed Description:

The "Alifi" Quran, is a treasure of calligraphic art. All pages of the manuscript have been lovingly ornamented with different styles of calligraphy and exquisite floral borders. This uniquely composed Quran displays 113 different calligraphic styles, including "Thulth", "Diwani", "Koofi" and "Jali".

It took the Calligraphers seven years of intensive labor to compose this unique Quran (Alifi) manuscript.

* Outstanding Features of the Alfi Quran
* Each ayah begins with the first Arabic alphabet, "ALIF".
* There are twenty three verses to a page, a symbolic tribute to the 23 year period of revelation. 

* The Quran text has been penned in "Jali" calligraphic style.
* Different calligraphic styles have been used to write the “Bismillah” found at the beginning of all but one surah of the Holy Quran. The evolution of the Arabic script over the last 1400 years can be traced by examining these 113 styles.
* The colorful, decorative ornamental borders of the Quran pages have seven different designs and seven different colors that represent seven precious jewels and the seven stages (manazil) of the Quran.
* Surah’s revealed in Mecca are identified by an icon of the Kabah. Medinian surah’s are identified by an icon of the Prophet’s mosque.
* Al Azhar Research Academy, Cairo, has certified that the calligraphy of Al-Quran-al-Hakeem Alfi is accurate.

* Printing Features
* Total 106  Pages, including bonus materials.
* Physical Size of Quran Alfi: 11.50 x 18 inches.
* Printed on extra heavy (170gsm), long life, glossy paper.
* Gilt edged.
* Beautifully hardbound in leather. The cover has been h
and-embossed in gold by traditional artisans.

* The Quran (Alfi) is boxed in a wooden presentation box for safe storage.  The box (about 12.75 x 19  x 2 inches) is lined inside and covered on the outside with the softest velvet.
* A metal stand is included for tabletop/counter display.

* Bonus Materials included in the Appendix
* Images of four authentic Quranic folios from the earliest centuries.

* Images of five authentic letters written by the Prophet & his Companion’s in the earliest Arabic script have been reproduced in full color.
* An index shows all the113 different calligraphic styles of “Bismillah” used at the beginning of each surah.
* Inside front cover displays surah Alaq (96) and surah Muddaththir (74) in "Diwani" style with "Kufi" borders.


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