Hidden Wars of Desert Storm
Hidden Wars of Desert Storm - Hour Long Revealing Documentary about Gulf War
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Detailed Description:

Hidden Wars of Desert Storm is a revealing hour long award winning video documentary, exposing everything that the US Government has failed to keep hidden from truth-seekers. This documentary shows the real nature of what came to be known as Gulf War.  

Guaranteed to shock the consumers of mainstream media and an invaluable addition to those who have been keeping an eye on what has really been going on since August 1990. Appearing in this documentary are:

  • Attorney General Ramsey Clark
  • UN Iraq Program Director Denis Halliday (resigned from UN in protest)
  • UNSCOM Team-Leader Scott Ritter (resigned from UN in protest)
  • Gen. Normal Schwarzkopf
  • and many others

A great gift item for your local library, school and your local congress representative.

On August 2nd, 1990, Saddam Hussein launched his troops against Kuwait, triggering the first major international crisis of the post-Soviet Union era.
But was this invasion a surprise in the first place? Were all diplomatic means really utilized to try to resolve the issue peacefully? Was there any threat from the part of Iraq against Saudi Arabia or against any of the other Gulf states? Why wasn't Washington's rhetoric against Saddam ever matched by any real support to the Iraqi opposition groups? What purpose can the embargo over Iraq serve if it is not to weaken Saddam Hussein, a result it has evidently failed to achieve to this day? What is true behind this mysterious "Gulf War Syndrome" that goes on affecting hundreds of thousands of Gulf War veterans and local populations and more and more of them every day?

A two-year investigation, "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" brings answers to all of these questions, basing itself on documents never seen before on television and backed by interviews of such prominent personalities as Desert Storm Commander, General Norman Schwarzkopf, former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark, former UN Iraq Program Director Denis Halliday, former UNSCOM team-leader Scott Ritter and many others. A large selection of archival footage, moving images recently brought back from Iraq, an original soundtrack scored by acclaimed composer Fritz Heede and the narration by two-time British Academy Award-winner, actor John Hurt, all contribute to making "Hidden Wars of Desert Storm" a fast-paced, informative documentary while resolutely accessible to a general audience.

This documentary is available for public showing. If you are interested please contact [email protected] for further details.


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