The TRANSLITERATED TAJWIDI QURAN. Arabic Text with English Translation AND Transliteration.
A guide for non-Arabic readers to the pronunciation of the original text and to understanding some of the meanings revealed in the Glorious Quran.
SKU: 03924-5984 - The TRANSLITERATED TAJWIDI QURAN. Arabic Text with English Translation AND Transliteration. (Books - 1950 Pages - Sh. A. Nooruddeen Durkee - Arabic / English, GTOP)

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Detailed Description:
This new translation and transliteration of the Qur’an makes it easy for the learner or non-Arabic reader to pronounce the sounds of the Words of Allah while cross-checking with the clear Arabic text.
The transliteration (based on Mesa and Hart's rules) is clear and accurate, and is found directly opposite its Arabic counterpart. The English appears ayat by ayat under the transliteration. Both the Arabic and English characters are large enough to read easily, and are marked with detailed orthography (punctuation, stops, continuity, breathing, rules of tajwid).

The language is respectful yet contemporary and very understandable. Additions to or ‘bridges’ in the text, necessary for the sake of English reading, are clearly distinguished by brackets and contain no editorial comment. The volume contains extensive notes and charts on tajwid, the rules for reading Qur’an, and a large index.

The Tajwidi Qur'an is transliterated and translated by Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee. Its English is edited by Hajja Noura Durkee, with Arabic text hand-written by Munshi Muhammad Sharif and orthography by 'Ustadh Zafar 'Iqbal. The English 'translation' (inasmuch as that is possible) is built on a compendium of the shared understanding of previous translators such as M. Yusuf Ali, M. Pickthal, M. Asad, the Bewleys, and Um Muhammad.

In 1994, Shaykh Abdullah Noorudeen Durkee began this work while living in Alexandria, Egypt, as an aid to non-Arabic readers of the Qur’an. After it was completed in 2000, he sent it to a select group of Arabic scholars, speakers and readers as well as to a representative cross-section of Muslim readers for further review and correction. This latter stage, coupled with careful revisions of form, layout and design, took 3 more years. It was printed and bound during Ramadan 1424-2003.

TESTIMONIAL: It is with great pleasure that I this morning received via post the package containing your new publication "The Tajwidi Qur'an." Jazakum Allah Khair. It is a tremendous thing, which Allah ta'ala is bound to Reward and Honor infinitely far beyond any words of praise I could offer. Nonetheless, I do feel after reading through the explanation of the mode and purposes of this stupendous volume, that it instantly will be established as the Standard Edition for persons whose native language is English. Ma sha allah. How fitting that the actual birth of this precious work coincided with the Sacred Month. May this be an auspicious note for the ultimate success of this book in reaching into the souls of the needful humanity. May Allah Al-Hafiz use your efforts in conveying The Tajwidi Qur'an to reveal Himself to His Creation. May the Divine Beloved make you and your family His very own. Ameen.


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