The ongoing struggle of the oppressed & the collapse of the Oslo agreement
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The 1994 Oslo accords between Israel and the Palestinians were hailed as the start of a process that would bring about resolution of the Israeli-Arab conflict. Five years on - and whatever the eventual settlement reached - Oslo must be judged a failure. * Dispatches from Palestine charts the itinerary of that failure. Written by Graham Usher, a journalist based in the occupied territories during the Oslo period, it comprises reportage, essays and interviews. First-hand accounts are provided of the seminal events that shaped the rise and fall of the Oslo process, such as the return of the PLO leadership to Gaza and the West Bank in 1994 and Islamist inspired suicide operations that brought Binyamin Netanyahu's Likud-led coalition to power in Israel in 1996. Usher includes profiles of some of the key political players and in-depth interviews with leading Palestinian and Israeli thinkers, activists and politicians. Also provided are longer, analytical pieces on the rise of Hamas in the occupied territories; the growing authoritarianism of Yassir Arafat's Palestinian Authority; the politics of Hizbollah in Lebanon; and the causes behind the nihilistic violence of the Gamaa Islamiyya in Egypt. Dispatches from Palestine offers the contemporary history of a process that has irreversibly changed the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. * Dispatches from Palestine offers the contemporary history of a process that has irreversibly changed, but not resolved, the nature of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. * Preface * 1. Why Gaza says yes, mostly * 2. What kind of nation ? The rise of Hamas in the occupied territories * 3. An Israeli peace - an interview with Ilan Pappe * 4. Palestine - the economic fist in the political glove * 5. The meaning of return * Oslo two - Oslo's high tide * Preface * 1. Bantustanisation or binationalism ? an interview with Azmi Bishara * 2. The politics of internal security: the PA's new intelligence services * 3. Outsider in - a profile of Palestinian Council candidate, Salah Tamari * 4. The politics of atrocity * 5. The Charter and the future of Palestinian politics * 6. Closures, cantons and the Palestinian Covenant * 7. The Palestinians in Israel * 8. Shimon Peres - fourth time loser * Post-Oslo - decline and fall * Preface * 1. Pictures of war * 2. Madness in Ramallah * 3. Hezballah, Syria and the Lebanese elections * 4. "All killers" - Luxor, the Gamaa and Egypt's prisons * 5. Fatah, Hamas and the crisis of Oslo - interviews with Marwan Barghouti and Ibrahim Ghoshah * 6. Making peace - an interview with Yossi Beilin * 7. Believers in blue jeans - an interview with Aryeh Deri * 8. The fire the next time - Palestinians in Lebanon * 9. The meaning of Shiekh Yassin * 10. Impossible contradictions - Israel at 50 * 11. A Palestinian refugee at 51 * Notes * Index


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