STONEWARE PLATE - HAND ENGRAVED with the FOUR QUL's from the Quran. Overall Size 17 x 4.5 inches
Full of Blessings. Looks beautiful and elegant..
SKU: 06602-6879 - STONEWARE PLATE - HAND ENGRAVED with the FOUR QUL's from the Quran. Overall Size 17 x 4.5 inches (Artwork - - - Arabic, )

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Detailed Description:

Make Gifts With A Spiritual Value

This attractive STONEWARE PLATE will always inspire you and look wonderful in your home.

It has a hook on the back - so you can easily hang it on the wall; safely out of reach of the kids. Or you can display it in your showcase.

You and your loved ones will fall in love at first sight!

The IslamiCity Collection of Etched Stoneware expresses your respect for the recipient and Islamic values with superb elegance.

The exquisite calligraphy literally shines forth from the uniquely textured stoneware surface.

Comes ready for display in your living room, bedroom, den or office at an affordable price.

The famous "Four Qul's" from the Quran engraved on this ceramic plate have been translated by Pickthall as below. All the 4 Surah's start with the Arabic word "QUL" which means "SAY".

Quran: Surah 109  
O disbelievers! I worship not that which ye worship; Nor worship ye that which I worship. And I shall not worship that which ye worship. Nor will ye worship that which I worship. Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion.

Quran: Surah 112
He is Allah, the One! Allah, the eternally Besought of all! He begetteth not nor was begotten. And there is none comparable unto Him.

Quran: Surah 113  
I seek refuge in the Lord of Daybreak, From the evil of that which He created; From the evil of the darkness when it is intense, And from the evil of malignant witchcraft, And from the evil of the envier when he envieth.

Quran: Surah 114  
I seek refuge in the Lord of mankind, The King of mankind, The God of mankind, From the evil of the sneaking whisperer, Who whispereth in the hearts of mankind, Of the jinn and of mankind.


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