Choosing Islam (Video) CLEARANCE. ONLY 2 LEFT!
A popular documentary of personal accounts of new Muslims from the West
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Detailed Description:

“Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world”, this phrase is commonly heard and said, but why is that.

  • What does this religion offer which no other religion can offer?
  • What does the word ‘Islam’ mean?
  • What are the five pillars of Islam and what do they mean?
  • Find out why Muslims say that Jesus was a Prophet of Islam.
  • Learn about a person who came to Islam after reading the ‘Satanic Verses.’
  • And get the true understanding of the word ‘Jihad’.

This is what the video Choosing Islam is about. It presents Islam to non-Muslims through the personal experiences of those who have accepted it. This documentary is collage of interviews and images recorded by Sound Vision over a period of three years. It features people from different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds who have chosen Islam for themselves. It features:

*Rafael Narbaez a former pastor of Jehovah’s Witness. Born and raised in Texas, from a Hispanic family. Grew up as a Catholic and then as a Jehovah’s Witness, started reading the Quran for the better understanding of the Bible, but as he started reading the Quran it helped him understand Islam. Mr. Narbaez is a very animated speaker, it is fun to watch his lectures and speeches. “Jesus was a Muslim, the word Islam means, submission to God, what did Jesus do other than that.”

*Dr. Muhammad Eckhaus, a Jew by birth from New York. He was impressed by the generosity and humility of Muslims, which brought him closer to Islam and finally he accepted Islam. “Islam is too pure to be mixed with other cultures. Islam can lead, others can imitate but Islam cannot imitate.”

*Cat Stevens was a famous pop singer. From a Greek Orthodox family, got Quran as a birthday gift from his brother David. He was a famous singer at that time but after reading the Quran he found the peace he was looking for, and became Yusuf Islam.

*Dr. T. B. Irving is a writer and a philosopher. He is the first American to translate the Quran in American English. He talks about the negativity that Muslims face in the West.

*Dr. Aminah Mcloud is a professor of Islamic Studies at Depaul University in Chicago. She talks about the cultural aspects of Islam and its acceptance in the American society. Dr. Aminah also briefly discusses the concept of Jihad and what it means in Islam.

This video also features some historical footage of Imam W. D. Muhammad and Malcolm Shabazz or popularly known as Malcolm X. After performing Hajj, Malcom realized that Islam is a Universal religion and it is only Islam, which can solve the race problem in America.


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