Hijab : An Act of Faith (Format: VHS - NTSC)
A mark of piety or oppression ? Find out directly from those who practise it.
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Detailed Description:

Hijab is one of the most visible, misunderstood symbols of Islam. This documentary program explains Islam's concept of modesty and why Muslim women cover. A series of articulate and committed Muslim women with varied backgrounds share their experiences and insights about their choice to wear hijab. The program also tackles many stereotypes relating to hijab, and, highlights the duty of Muslim men to observe modesty. Participants include Dr. Ingrid Mattson; Katherine Bullock, Zubeda Vahed, Dr. Sheema Khan, Malika Quick and many others. Hijab: An Act of Faith is an important video for Muslims and non-Muslims alike !

**Recommended ages: 13 years to adult.


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