The Holy City in the Eyes of Chroniclers, Visitors, Pilgrims, and Prophets from the Days of Abraham to the Beginnings of Modern Times
SKU: 03702-6230 - Jerusalem (Books - 656 Pages - F.E.Peters - English, AMZBK)

Detailed Description:
Peters manages to tell the history of Jerusalem, which is holy to Jews, Christians, and Moslems alike, with remarkable objectivity. He accomplishes this by a judicious selection of eyewitness accounts from the many who have been affected by, or have themselves affected, the destiny of Jerusalem, as well as by generous quotations from the Bible. The book focuses on the historical events that shaped the city and gives especially valuable insights into the major religious sites within Jerusalem. Although critical commentary is sparse, the comprehensiveness and clarity of the sources make for a lucid narrative. This history ends about 1838, just when Martin Gilbert's Jerusalem: rebirth of a city (LJ 8/85) begins.


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