The Prophet Muhammad Storybook. . Hardbound. Book 1. Ages 7 and above
Life in Ancient Makkah, the Prophets Birth and Early Life
SKU: 03705-7227 - The Prophet Muhammad Storybook. . Hardbound. Book 1. Ages 7 and above (Books - - - English, Z80)

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Detailed Description:
The Prophet Muhammad Storybook takes you back to the early days of Makkah, to a period long before the birth of Prophet Muhammad.

It relates fascinating stories about the Kabah and how the pilgrimage to it and trade with far-off lands such as Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Persia were organized along the silk route by the Prophet’s great-grandfather. Everything is covered from the re-digging of the Zamzam well to the year of the elephants, to the birth of the Prophet Muhammad, and then on to his childhood in the desert and his early life in Makkah.

The Prophet Muhammad Storybook, meant for children of 7 years and above, encourages children to discover for themselves the message of the life of the Prophet and to find their own ways of applying the Prophet’s timeless teachings to their own lives.

With its colorful, child-friendly illustrations, this book is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren or for them to read by themselves, and is excellent for use both at home and at school.


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