The Prophet Muhammad Storybook. Book 2. Hardbound. Ages 7 and above
Marriage, Prophethood and Early Days in Makkah
SKU: 03705-7228 - The Prophet Muhammad Storybook. Book 2. Hardbound. Ages 7 and above (Books - - - English, K41)

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Detailed Description:
The Prophet Muhammad Storybook 2 takes the reader back to the early days of Makkah when the Prophet reached Manhood.

It tells of how he became a successful merchant, married Khadija, a wealthy business woman, and then soon thereafter gave up all worldly activities in search of the truth. How he attained prophethood and began his mission is is related in a series of fascinating stories. Everything is covered from the first revelation of the Quran by the Archangel Jibril, to the early preaching of the Prophet and the opposition of the people of Makkah. This book then goes on to narrate amazing tales of how Islam began to spread in Makkah.

The Prophet Muhammad Storybook 2, meant for children of 7 years and above, encourages children to discover for themselves the message of the life of the Prophet and to find their own ways of applying the Prophet’s timeless teachings to their own lives.

With its colorful, child-friendly illustrations, this book is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren or for them to read by themselves, and is excellent for use both at home and at school.


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