The Fire This Time
The Fire This Time - Deconstructing the Gulf War
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Detailed Description:

THE FIRE THIS TIME - Deconstructing the Gulf War - is a permanent record of the fate of Iraq and a guide to the language of mass media propaganda. A must collection for everyone, as the dark clouds of yet another war looms over our heads.

This album (2 CD) utilizes narration and dramatic audio samples to deconstruct the Gulf war while revealing mass media propaganda techniques. It also offers a vivid audio documentation of the devastating effects of the sanctions imposed upon the civilian people of Iraq. The album features exclusive music and mixes by some of the finest contemporary electronic artists in the genre.

Most of the material used in this CD is generally not easily accessible, let alone available in the market. The quotes and the statements of the officials involved in creating and perpetuating the crisis in Iraq is on record in this CD album.

The album comprises of 2 Discs (CD-1 is 77 min. and CD-2 is 76 min.) and is broken down into:

  • Part 1: The Plans

  • Part 2: The Fire Comes

  • Part 3: One Nation Under a Siege

  • Part 4: Audio remixes portraying the sufferings of the people

  • Part 5: Interviews (John Pilger, Dennis Halliday, Scott Ritter & others)

"The sanctions imposed on Iraq is a devastating attack on its' civilian population. [It] is a severe indictment of the political culture of the US and Britain, whose people need not accept what is being done in their name. THE FIRE THIS TIME, which should focus popular attention and arouse deep concern, is greatly to be welcomed."
- Prof Noam Chomsky, MIT


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