Shows examples of texts, manuscripts, and other sources depicting a wide range of calligraphic styles.
SKU: 03702-6248 - ARABIC SCRIPT. IDEAL FOR DESIGNERS. (Books - 180 PAGES - Gabriel Mandel Khan - ENGLISH/ARABIC, AMZBK)

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The author of previous books on Islamic history and a calligrapher and engraver himself, Khan begins this study of Arabic script by sketching the development of the Arabic alphabet and the various scripts in which it has been written. The first half of the book is then devoted to the treatment of individual letters whose shapes vary depending on the letter's position within a word. As many as 33 different styles, or scripts, are illustrated for each letter. The letter's pronunciation is given in cursory fashion, and its vocal value in reciting the Koran is defined in rather technical terms (some of which are explained in the glossary). The latter half provides an amazing assortment of historic examples of Arabic writing. Not included, however, are instructions for writing the actual letters (a better choice for that would be Nicholas Awde and Putros Samano's The Arabic Alphabet: How To Read and Write It, 1987). With its hundreds of illustrations ranging over many centuries, this book is a visual treat even for readers unfamiliar with Arabic. Of particular interest to calligraphers and graphic designers. Margarete Gross, Chicago P.L.
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One of the world’s major forms of writing, Arabic script is the language of the Koran and it became widespread as a result of Islamic conquests of much of the world. The Koran places great importance on writing, and in the first verse of the holy book, reading and writing with the calamus, or reed pen, are praised as the source of all knowledge and all spiritual or scientific paths of change. For this reason the Islamic world is known for its reverence for books, as well as its love of writing. Eventually Arabic script gave rise to calligraphic art, which became an art form of astonishing beauty. More highly regarded than painting, Arabic calligraphy is approached aesthetically like music, with its own rules of composition, rhythm, and harmony.

This enlightening book helps us discover an alphabet that throughout the centuries has been linked to the secular and religious worlds of Islam. The text explains the history and meaning of each letter, as well as its philosophical, theological, and cultural significance, and 300 two-color and black-and-white pictures illustrate the letters, their variants, and calligraphic adaptations. An ideal book for linguists, graphic designers, and collectors of Islamic art, Arabic Script will also prove handy for travelers who wish to become familiar with the rudiments of the alphabet.


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