Box of 10 Calendar Greeting Cards.
Calendar Advertising Works 365 Days A Year!
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Detailed Description:

These days eMails & Voice Mails are deleted faster than they are received! By contrast traditional, hand signed, Greeting Cards grab attention in a unique manner. Think back to the last time you received an unexpected card from a friend or associate . . . and the appreciation you felt for the time and effort put into sending that card.

There is something uniquely appealing about the tactile, highly personal way ink-on- paper cards connect the sender with the recipient. The bottom line is that nine out of ten Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards. 

Why Send Advertising Calendar Cards?

* High Demand - useful, advertising that people need & actually ask for.

Long Life - on display 365 days or more.

* Cost Effective - pennies per exposure, per day.

* Variety - styles to suit every need.

* Easy to Customize - from graphics and photos to completely unique designs.

* Gift/Utility Value - highly regarded and appreciated.

8 Beneficial Ways To Use Advertising Calendars. Calendar Advertising Works 365 Days A Year!
Hand out personally, distribute at trade shows, place them on a reception desk or mail them out at low cost  in standard envelopes.

* Fund raising

* Trade Shows

* Brand building

* Business gifts

* Hold present customers

* Reestablish old accounts

* Solicit new accounts

* Build store traffic

 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Advertising Calendar Cards From IslamiCity:

 * We can start and end your calendar at any month. So you can start your calendar advertising whenever you like.

* We will print from 10 to 500 Personalized Calendars.

* The cost per exposure is minimal. 

*  We can mail out calendars on your behalf. Call 310 642 0006 ext 202 to discuss affordable shipping options.

* Shopping at IslamiCity is different! IslamiCity is a Non Profit Organization engaged in constructive outreach on behalf of all Muslims. Your purchases helps to make our efforts even more effective.


* Calendars have Built-in Hang Tabs, & Adhesive and/or Magnet Strips On The Back. Apply and Remove Easily from walls, bulletin boards, cabinets, refrigerators, bookshelves everywhere!

* Folded card size : 5 1/4" x 7 1/4".

* Cards are printed on heavyweight  white paper stock that allows for handwritten messages with a ball point pen.

* Premium matching envelopes included, size 5.25" x 7.25".

* Plenty of space allocated for your corporate logo and message OR  use our standard messages.


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