Study The Noble Quran WORD-for-WORD (Three Volume Set, Hardbound). NEW EDITION.

SKU: 03942-6872 - Study The Noble Quran WORD-for-WORD (Three Volume Set, Hardbound). NEW EDITION. (Books - 3 Volumes - - Arabic/English, H12)

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To understand the Quran, it is necessary that one should learn the translation of every word of the Verses.

It can be very difficult to understand the Quran without the knowledge of the meanings of the Arabic words. Therefore, to convey the accurate meaning of the Quranic Verses this task has been done.

The idiomatic translation has also been added in order to ease the readers to see the word-for-word translation of the Arabic Verses along with the idiomatic one on the same page.

All the other English translations of the meanings of the Quran are idiomatic. Such translations are not designed to help the reader learn the meanings of each Arabic word. Therefore, the readers and reciter's simply proceed forward without knowledge of the Arabic vocabulary used in the Verses.

But when one knows the meanings of each Arabic word of the Verse, then whether he himself recites the Quran, or listens to some other's recitation, he gets the pleasure of understanding it.

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