First Things First
First Things First: For Inquiring Minds and Yearning Hearts
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Detailed Description:

First Things First: For Inquiring Minds and Yearning Hearts

A million gripes against the darkness will not make a dent in it. But a little candle will. This book is about lighting that little candle. 

This book presents Islamic beliefs and practices and as well as it highlights Islamic values in the context of current social, cultural, and political discussions. The broad range of topics aim at providing reflection, exposition, inspiration, and intellectual stimulation.

A must read for young adults, parents and teachers. This book is also a good gift item to non-Muslim friends and colleagues or for your local library. The 400+ pages book is broken down into 13 sections and 80+ articles.

  • Basics
  • Quran
  • Loving the Prophet
  • Acts of Worship
  • Islam is the Solution
  • The Choice is Yours
  • Self Reform
  • Women & Family
  • Education
  • Unity
  • Staying The Course
  • History
  • A Second Look

This book is guaranteed to make you think!


“Khalid Baig has been contributing the column ‘First Things First’ in Impact International for several years now. This column has covered a wide spectrum of Islamic topics of contemporary relevance, ranging from Islamic beliefs and practices to issues of Islam and politics, culture, media, tradition and modernity, and international affairs. Like many of his admirers, I always look forward to reading his column, which is arguably the most eagerly awaited and most widely read part of Impact.

“The present volume is a collection of his columns written against the backdrop of major issues that confront Muslims today in their individual lives and Islamic societies in their quest for identity and authenticity. Throughout, he is unequivocally committed to the integrity of pristine Islamic teachings. His guides in his intellectual journey to find answers for the problems facing Muslims today are the Qur’an, the Sunnah of the Prophet, Sall-Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and the consensus of the community of Islamic scholars. His real genius lies in distilling Islamic scriptural and scholarly sources into concise, trenchant ruminations on Islam and the contemporary situation of Muslims. With clarity, elegance, and often with quick and ready wit, Khalid Baig brilliantly articulates Islamic perspectives, clears up the confusions created by extraneous influences, and challenges his readers to wake up to their responsibilities as Muslims.

“Khalid Baig has a rare and rich gift for both precision and thoroughness: in two to three pages, he manages to say more than most writers would in several dozen pages. His nonpolemical style, calm and measured tone, careful and balanced opinions, and insightful comments are sure to make this book an engaging and immensely rewarding reading experience. It deserves to be widely circulated and read by both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.” - Mumtaz Ahmad, Ph.D Professor of Political Science - Hampton University - Hampton, VA.

“Although the FTF’s primary readership is naturally Muslim, its message is universal and inclusive. FTF encourages readers to think straight and to think for themselves.

"FTF is the most popular and must-read feature article of Impact. The reward is Khalid Baig’s though the gift is there to be shared by everyone.” - Muhammad Hashir Faruqi Editor, Impact International - London, England.


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