Before The Wedding. Author, Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine. Soft Cover, 112 pages. 2nd Edition.
Questions for Muslims to ask before getting married. Soft Cover, 112 pages
SKU: 03602-5251 - Before The Wedding. Author, Munira Lekovic Ezzeldine. Soft Cover, 112 pages. 2nd Edition. (Books - - - , C161)

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Detailed Description:
Understand the process of preparing for marriage by exploring your personal beliefs and values as well as the qualities you seek in a spouse. Gain a deeper understanding of your potential spouse in order to gauge your compatibility. Consider the impact of your respective views on profession, education, personality, Islam, culture, finances, home life, family, friends and children. In this second edition of "Before the Wedding," newly revised questions are geared toward fostering thought provoking and challenging conversations between you and your potential spouse. Through a series of structured conversations, you and your potential spouse can sharpen your communication skills and gain valuable insights that will boost your confidence in making the best decision when marrying. A newly added chapter on the "marriage cycle" further reflects on the challenges and stressors all couples can expect to encounter in the course of their marriage.


Munira Lekovoc Ezzeldine is completing her Master's Degree in 'Marriage and Family Counseling' at California State University Fullerton.. She received her undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ezzeldine has written two Islamic Studies text books  for the Bureau of Islamic and Arabic Education. She has written a chapter in the book 'Muslims in America: Contemporary Issues'. She has contributed articles to Azizah Magazine, The Minaret Magazine and AlTalib Newsmagazine. Ezzeldine continues to speak and educate on the topics of marriage and gender equity at conferences and universities. She is happily married and the mother of two boys, Yusuf and Zayd.


TABLE OF CONTENTS: (112 pages)

Chapter 1             Marriage Preparation
Chapter 2             How to Use This Book
Chapter 3             The Person & The Personality
Chapter 4             Islam & Culture
Chapter 5             Finances
Chapter 6             Life at Home
Chapter 7             Friends & Community
Chapter 8             Family
Chapter 9             Children
Chapter 10           Questions for Friends & Family
Chapter 11           After the Wedding: Sexual Relations
Chapter 12           The Marriage Cycle 
(new chapter)



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