Manners In Islam (Al Adab Al Mufrad) by Imam Muhammad bin Ismail al-Bukhari
English translation by Rafiq Abdur Rahman
SKU: 03942-7144 - Manners In Islam (Al Adab Al Mufrad) by Imam Muhammad bin Ismail al-Bukhari (Books - 830 Pages - Imam Ghazali - Arabic/English, F12)

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Detailed Description:

Al-Adab al Mufrad is a work by the greatest Muhaddith, of the Islamic world, Imam Bukhari.

He collected Ahadith and Aathar from various sources reflecting upon personal manners, family affairs, human rights, social and national obligations, supplications at various times, and Islamic principles of Day to day living. They number more than 1300.

These have been divided into suitable chapters. Mawlana Muhammad Khalid has explained these Ahadith in detail and often quoted extensively from the sayings of the Prophet, thus adding to the number of Ahadith. He has also cited injunctions and rulings wherever it was necessary . In translating the Ahadith and the explanation, the Urdu text has been followed discreetly and no outside comment is included. I have tried to do justice to the original within my abilities. I request readers to point out to me shortcomings in my effort -and they might be many- care of the Publisher. May Allah reward them for that and may he accept my effort Aameen.

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