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Ticket to Paradise is sharply observed, tightly written - the hallmark of the true journalist Ridley is... Fast-paced, confident and enthralling....
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The Author, British born award-winning journalist, Yvonne Ridley has had a long and successful career as an investigative reporter, undercover journalist and royal correspondent writing for the Sunday Times, The Observer, Daily Mirror and the Sunday Express.

In September,2001, she was captured by the Taliban after sneaking into Afghanistan wearing the all-enveloping burqa. Those infamous 10 days in the hands of the Taliban not only transformed Ridley's journalistic approach, but since then she has also become a global peace activist. She now spends much of her time addressing rallies and conferences throughout the Middle East, Europe, Australia and North America . Recently Ridley relocated to Qatar to become director of the English online version of al Jazeera at www.aljazeera.net.

Judith Tempest, British reporter, is searching for the Truth. But when it starts to spill out in her brilliant front page reportage of Middle East suicide bombing in retaliation for Israeli tanks mowing down innocent Palestinian women and children, both "Tempest" and "Truth" start to spell "Trouble" - with a capital 'T', joke her friends and colleagues. At age 37, Judith's biological clock is ticking fast. Torn between career and family, the young reporter is determined to have both... a dilemma that has caused many successful young career women to end up in the hot seat instead of the hot tub - with Mr. Wrong. Tempest rides the storms of passion from lovers and fiancés who promise her the world yet give her enough reason to believe that "World" is laced with all the trappings of deception - and betrayal.

Mohammed Khalaf is her lifeboat, her hero. A Muslim import-export Palestinian residing in London, Mohammed slowly reveals his tragic past as the two fall deeply in love. At last, Judith feels she has found a man who treats her as an equal, a man whose love and fidelity she can trust.  The story unfolds in a non-stop mystery thriller that begins two days before America's tragic 9/11 in a marble bathtub decked with candles, coke and champagne at New York's Regent Hotel and tears along at a reckless pace of passion, betrayal, adventure and espionage. 

"Ticket to Paradise is sharply observed, tightly written - the hallmark of the true journalist Ridley still is - but one who has made the rare leap into compulsive fiction. Fast-paced, confident and enthralling, this is the story of a tough-talking woman in a macho man's world.

It also dares to do what few western writers would - humanize Muslim society. Ticket straddles the world of journalism and espionage with the sure hand of some one who knows both. Ridley's expert knowledge is alone enough to ensure a big hit with her first stride into big-time fiction. A stunning debut." - Gordon Thomas, Author of Seeds of Fire, Gideon's Spies & Robert Maxwell: The Assassination of Israel's Super Spy (with Martin Dillon)


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