Understanding The Quran. Themes & Style

SKU: 03702-6215 IslamiCity.com - Understanding The Quran. Themes & Style (Books - 228 Pages - Muhammad Abdel Haleem - English, AMZBK)

Detailed Description:
[It] has a breadth of reading and attention to style that readers will welcome... -- Choice  

"I have read several introductory and semi-advanced books on Islam, before and after becoming a Muslim myself. This book definitely rates as one of the best. I have read "The Vision of Islam" (by Murata & Chittick), "Approaching the Quran" (by Sells), and "What Everyone Should Know About Islam and Muslims (by Haneef) among others, and this books stands out as the best. It puts to rest a lot of Western stereotypes about the Quran, especially about the Islamic concepts of War, Women, and Marriage. But the best and most unique parts of the book deal with the style of the Quran in Arabic, its expert use of future, past, and present tense, and the change in person (first, second, third) that is such a beautiful feature of the Quran. The book also compares the stories of Adam, Eve, and Joseph in the Quran and Bible in a most intelligent and sensitive way. I definitely recommend this book as it is also refreshing to read an introductory book on the Quran written by a Muslim."


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