SKU: 01062-2324 - FROM THE SHADOWS (Cassette) (Audio - 60 min. approx. - Abdul Karim - English, Z311)

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Detailed Description:
An insightful perspective on the agenda coined in the words of George Bush, the former President of United States of America - THE NEW WORLD ORDER. Listen to this dynamic audio documentary and discover yourself who emerges "From the Shadows". This One Hour Audio Documentary is reproduced by IslamiCity under license from Halaqa Media of UK. 

An Excerpt from the Documetary : August the 2nd 1990, Saddam Hussain's forces crashed through the defenses of oil rich Kuwait. In fear of an Iraqi invasion into Saudi Arabia, the United States and her Coalition allies poured into the Arabian peninsula to form a deterrent; a deterrent that would be known as Desert Shield. The result was a series of diplomatic talks; negotiations and counter negotiations that rapidly declined into a no-hope situation. On August the 17th 1991 Desert Shield became Desert Storm! The conflict was witnessed by millions through the eye of CNN and the BBC. Showing propaganda of the systematic eradication of Saddam's forces by a coalition far superior in technological, political and economic power. However, what was little known was that from the outset, the War was engineered, controlled and manipulated by an elite group. A group which had created the illusion of a man with power, at the head of a million strong army, on the verge of going nuclear. A man who had gained control over one fifth of the worlds oil overnight. However, in reality he was merely a pawn, in amongst many pawns - Just a puppet in a grand master plan, with the Gulf War as a well-orchestrated stepping stone. 

The orchestrators of the War were by no means strangers to controlling major world events, in fact they have done so for centuries. From the Shadows they have engineered every major war, revolution and recession. They control Everything You Read, Everything You Hear and Everything You See. They have managed to indoctrinate an entire populous to their way of thinking, and have infiltrated key positions in places of authority. And it is from the Shadows that they have created A New Political Order, A New Economic Order and more sinister A New Religious Order. Their ultimate aim is total global domination and they will stop at nothing to reach their goal. The goal that was outlined in a speech given by a former President of the United States: George Bush: New World Order Quote by George Bush. "What is at stake is A New World Order" ? However, the origins of this global plan were not created in the offices of the White house, in reality their roots lay in another War. This time the year is 1095, and the place: Clermont, France ......


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