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The Miraj Global Equity Fund is intended for Muslim investors. Its aim is to provide the opportunity to invest in a vast array of companies around the world which adhere to Islamic principles while seeking high long-term returns. As a diversified fund that seeks long-term capital appreciation, Miraj Global Equity Fund invests primarily in equity securities of highly capitalized companies. Investment decisions are made by a specialized and experienced investment management team. To assure adherence to Islamic principles, all investment strategies and decisions are reviewed by an independent advisory Sharia Board headed by Dr.Muhammed Ali Elgari, the executive manager of the National Management Consultancy Center in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Miraj Global Equity Fund's calendar year performance from 17-08-1998 to 31-08-1999 was 34.98% and from 17-08-1998 to 31-08-2000 was 60.80%. The performance return from 31-08-1998 to 31-08-2001 was 17.15%. A minimum of $10,000 USD or currency equivalent must be invested.

Miraj International Investments Ltd. has appointed Julius Baer Asset Management Ltd., the Zurich based institutional asset management unit of the Julius Baer Group, as investment advisor to the Miraj Global Equity Fund. Bank Julius Baer, founded in 1890, is one of the leading asset management banks in Switzerland as well as Europe, offering investors expertise, experience, continuity and commitment in the investment process. The Julius Baer Group manages equivalent of USD 85 billion worth of assets for private and institutional clients around the world.

The Citco Fund Services (Europe) B.V., based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, have been appointed the administrator of the fund. In this role they have under their direct control, or through their approved sub-custodian network, all the assets of the fund. They provide full administrative and inquiry services. Citco Fund Services is part of the Citco Group Limited and is a specialist in providing adminstrative, banking and related services to international funds, servicing over 950 mutual funds with in excess of USD 95 billion in net assets.

The Miraj Global Equity Fund, with its broad global diversification and excellent investment strategy, provides Muslim investors a way to meet their investment objectives while maintaining their commitment to their faith.

We deliver world class, blue chip money management expertise, a global team of specialists, all of which have created an enviable track record of investment performance, inspired extensive research and the ability to spot true opportunities for our clients. At Miraj, style diversification is all we do; our fund is rigorously managed using strict guidelines to ensure style and preserve its uncompromising purity. Our approach is very straightforward: we buy excellent companies in long-term growth industries, and we buy as business owners, not as speculators. We hold these companies over the long-run, ignoring the up and down temptations of the market. We take a long-term view of the businesses and markets that provide investors the most opportunities for performance: a proven approach for creating prosperity for astute investors, not to mention a good night's sleep and peace of mind. We offer unique insights leading to results.

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