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July 4, 2015 | Ramadan 17, 1436
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The more I learned and accepted the better my life became. My inward rebellion and self-pity dissipated as I submitted to Allah. Peace entered my life.
Audio Islam Came into My Life Unexpectedly

Islam Came into My Life Unexpectedly
4/21/2015 - Religious Social - Article Ref: IC0308-2067
Number of comments: 42
By: Lisa Moore
IslamiCity* -

Islam came into my life unexpectedly, at a time I was feeling very discouraged. My parents were getting older and had developed serious health problems. My brother's disabilities from multiple sclerosis had increased to the point my parents and I were having difficulty caring for him. I was middle-aged, with no husband and children, trying to cope with the failing health of three people. I did not even have a good career to help, for although I had obtained a PhD I was by nature very shy and had never been able to promote myself successfully.

At this time I happened to get into a discussion about Islam and realized how little I really knew about it. The next time I had access to a computer I decided to search some sites about it. On one of the first sites I found, I saw a translation of the Shahada: "There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet." I was stunned. "But I have always believed that," I said aloud.

For although my parents are Christian, my father had always had a translation of the Qur'an in our home which I had sometimes looked at but not really studied. So I had grown up believing Muhammad (pbuh) was a true prophet of God. And I had never been comfortable with the Catholic division of God into three, but had known in my heart there was One God alone.

I now felt compelled to learn more about Islam. I sent for some literature from IslamiCity, and corresponded with a sister there. I began reading my translation of the Qur'an with the intent to learn. I ordered books about Islam and the history of Islam. The more I learned and accepted the better my life became. My inward rebellion and self-pity dissipated as I submitted to Allah. Peace entered my life. I quit considering myself a failure because I was not financially successful. My sister was moved to take my disabled brother to live in her city where he could receive better care. Although my parents' health continued frail, I was now better able to help them without the care of my brother as well.

The day I made my Shahada I was nervous, but also overwhelmed with gratitude to Allah for my guidance to the peace of Islam.

Sr. Lisa Moore took the Shahada (declaration of faith) in August 2003.  She resides in the United States.  May Allah (swt) always bless and guide her on the Straight Path (ameen).



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