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October 25, 2014 | Muharram 2, 1436
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History of Hijrah: Migration for Peace and Justice Audio
Number of comments: 14

10/25/2014 - Religious - IC0801-3481
By: I Nawwab, P Speers and P Hoye - IslamiCity* -

Hijrah was not a flight but a carefully planned migration which marks not only a break in history but the beginning of the Islamic era ..) ... More 
A Call: Campaign for Zero misplaced Litter in KSA in 5 Years or 10 Sifr fi Khams Sineen aw 'Ashar
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10/25/2014 - Religious - IC1410-5961
By: Dr. Shafi A. Khaled - IslamiCity* -

In the hotel, during Suhur, I saw the Amir of Makkah receiving guests and visitors. I thought that I should pay him a visit and bring my observations and suggestions toward a cleaner Haramain, ... ) ... More 
Muharram: The Start of the Islamic Calendar Audio
Number of comments: 87

10/24/2014 - - IC0303-1877
By: Muhammad Taqi Usmani - IslamiCity* -

"The number of the months according to Allah is twelve months (mentioned) in the Book of Allah on the day in which He created heavens and the earth. Among these (twelve months) there are four sanctified" (Quran) ..) ... More 
Death of an intellectual giant - Ali Mazrui
Number of comments: 1
Opinion Summary: Agree:0  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

10/24/2014 - Social - IC1410-5960
By: Dr. Habib Siddiqui - IslamiCity* -

He opposed Western interventions in the developing nations, such as the Iraq War. He was not afraid to speak out about the degrading conditions of the occupation of Palestine ... ) ... More 
The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World
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10/23/2014 - Religious Social - IC1410-5959
By: Bill Cleland - IslamiCity* -

At a time when the name of Islam is being besmirched by extremists all over the planet, it is refreshing to come back to what the Islamic way of life is really about. Indeed the best antidote to both Muslim extremism and Christian-Zionist Islamophobia is the actual teachings of Islam.) ... More 
Muslims and Their Chronic Intellectual Stagnation
Number of comments: 15
Opinion Summary: Agree:2  Disagree:6  Neutral:7

10/22/2014 - Science Education - IC1308-5508
By: Dr. Serkan Zorba - IslamiCity* -

It does not seem to occur to mainstream Islamic religious leaders that perhaps their understanding and practice of Islam is at fault. That perhaps they should begin to try different solutions, adopt different attitudes, and cultivate different viewpoints. ) ... More 
God as the Only Creator
Number of comments: 2
Opinion Summary: Agree:1  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

10/18/2014 - Religious Education - IC1410-5954
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* -

One of the most compelling messages of the Qur'an concerning architecture is that God is the only Creator; the rest is His creation unable to match His power, competence and creativity. ) ... More 
The Significance of the Rock (Sakhrah) inside the al-Aqsa Mosque
Number of comments: 1

10/17/2014 - Religious Social - IC1208-5230
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* -

The Dome of the Rock is located on an artificial platform, approximately in the center of the al-Haram al-Sharif or the original al-Aqsa Mosque. ) ... More 
Heavenly Breeze of Hope
Number of comments: 1

10/16/2014 - Religious - SW1301-5372
By: Othman Mohammad - SuhaibWeb.com* -

It is a hallmark of depressed people that they give up on hope. Life for these people can seem void of color, so mundane that it is not worth living any more. Any energy spent on the face of earth seems such a waste for them. Hence, depressed people seem to care less about putting an effort to change, or to make meaning of their existence.) ... More 
How An Illinois Mom Converted To Islam And Found Peace And Joy During Her Very First Hajj
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10/16/2014 - - HP1410-5953
By: Huffington Post Editor - Huffington Post* -

What I wanted most out of this journey is to find a deeper relationship with my Creator, to get to the place where I have the confidence of my conviction that God is all I need or will ever need. ) ... More 

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