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September 2, 2014 | Dhul-Qa`dah 8, 1435
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The internal dimensions of Hajj
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9/2/2014 - Religious - MV1210-5308
By: Staff - Muslim Village* -

What is Hajj? Hajj in the Arabic language means aim, destination or purpose (qasd). The reason is clear: Hajj is the ultimate journey of loving submission ('ubudiyah) and conscious surrender (riq) to Allah. Its ultimate destination is your encounter with the House of Allah (Bayt al-Allah) - the Ka`bah - with both your physical body and, more importantly, your heart (qalb).) ... More 
Paystubs for All
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8/30/2014 - Social - IV1408-5936
By: Naeem Baig - Iviews* -

In the absence of a federal paystubs requirement, it is estimated that as many as 20 million U.S. workers do not receive documentation that outlines their own wage information. ) ... More 
Faith and Paystubs
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8/29/2014 - Social - IC1408-5935
By: Naeem Baig - IslamiCity* -

Across faith traditions, the message is clear: pay workers their due wages. Yet, wage theft continues to be one of the most prevalent crimes against workers, and the lack of regulations on the issuance of paystubs only exacerbates the problem. ) ... More 
James Foley - Extinguishing a voice of truth
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8/28/2014 - Political - AH1408-5932
By: Diana Moukalled - Asharq Al Awsat* -

This young man, who willfully chose to go to the most dangerous place in the world for journalists to bear witness to what was taking place there, died in the most heinous manner...) ... More 
Senseless Killings in the Name of Islam
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8/28/2014 - Religious - IC1408-5933
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

In Islam Peace is the standard, it is the principle, and each person of faith has the moral obligation to maintain peace, without compromising on justice and truth. Islam invites to the subul as-salam (pathway of peace); peace of mind, peace of conscience, ... ) ... More 
How to Review What You've Memorized of the Quran
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8/26/2014 - Religious Education - SW1212-5356
By: Maryam Amirebrahimi - SuhaibWeb.com* -

I have tried numerous methods throughout my years of memorizing. Sometimes I would stop memorizing for months at a time and only focus on review (although this always failed when I didn't have a teacher who could help me stay on track because I ended up wasting precious months without review or memorization). ) ... More 
How the Quran shapes the brain
Number of comments: 7

8/26/2014 - Religious Science Education - IC1202-5025
By: Mohamed Ghilan - IslamiCity* -

The very first thing taught to an aspiring student was the Quran, which had to be memorized completely. Unlike anything else encountered in spoken Arabic, Quran recitation is a very specific science.) ... More 
Suggestions for Designing and Building Muslim Houses
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8/23/2014 - Religious Social - IC1408-5929
By: Dr. Spahic Omer - IslamiCity* -

Muslim houses must facilitate the privacy protection among the family members inside the house's realm. As a minimum requirement, every Muslim house should have a room for parents, another room for female children, and yet another room for male children. ) ... More 
Israel, Liberate yourselves by liberating Palestine
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8/21/2014 - Political - HA1408-5928
By: Desmond Tutu - Haaretz* -

The State of Israel is behaving as if there is no tomorrow. Its people will not live the peaceful and secure lives they crave - and are entitled to - as long as their leaders perpetuate conditions that sustain the conflict.) ... More 
Look in the mirror
Number of comments: 9

8/19/2014 - Religious Education - IC0811-3726
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCity* -

When I look in the mirror, who is that looking back? Am I who I appear to be? Do I try to mask the interior of my personhood by decorating the exterior with designer labels ..) ... More 

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