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July 4, 2015 | Ramadan 17, 1436
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Why We Must Learn America's Islamic History
Number of comments: 4
Opinion Summary: Agree:1  Disagree:3  Neutral:0

7/4/2015 - Social Political - HF1201-4997
By: Engy Abdelkader - The Huffington Post* -

"In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." So we were taught in primary school. But, did you know that the captains of two of the three small Spanish ships comprising Columbus's fleet were in fact Muslim?) ... More
The Debt of Independence
Number of comments: 1

7/4/2015 - Social Political - IC0107-299
By: IslamiCity - IslamiCity* -

In 1776 Tipu Sultan, the Braveheart of India was fighting the Imperial rule of Britain. When he came to learn about the Independence of United States from clutches of the same force he was fighting, he gave tribute to this independence with a twenty-one-gun salute. ) ... More
Spiritual Liberation This Ramadan
Number of comments: 7

7/3/2015 - Religious - SW1207-5207
By: Muslema Purmul -* -

This month of Ramadan is especially the time to liberate ourselves spiritually. No matter how you feel you're doing in your relationship with Allah (swt), no matter what your past has been, what your issues are or how weak you may currently feel, you can always have hope in Allah (swt) to finish strong.) ... More
30 Days of Reincarnation
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7/1/2015 - Religious Poetry - IC1506-6094
By: Samina Farooq - IslamiCity* -

So I dug a bit more, I searched the depth of my soul
I found the answer there, so I searched no more
The month of mercy has knocked at my door
And I'm now ready to open all four-
) ... More
Fasting from a Christian Perspective
Number of comments: 1

7/1/2015 - Interfaith - IV1507-6096
By: Dr. Reinhard Krauss - Iviews* -

'Why do you fast? Why do you observe Ramadan?' I've received many interesting answers to that question, but the most thought-provoking, the one that stuck with me was: 'Fasting during Ramadan is like an annual self-check to test whether my moral brakes are still working.') ... More
Ramadan Fast and Taqwa
Number of comments: 3
Opinion Summary: Agree:2  Disagree:0  Neutral:1

6/30/2015 - Religious Education - IC1107-4770
By: Abdul-Majid Jaffry - IslamiCity* -

The Ramadan fast also means the same, however, the physical abstinence from food and drink in Ramadan, with the intent to obey and worship Allah, takes a higher and nobler dimension, it becomes the nourishment of the soul.) ... More
Ramadan - In pursuance of Taqwa
Number of comments:
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6/30/2015 - Religious Interfaith Education - IR0808-3631
By: Sadullah Khan - IslamiCIty* -

The renowned philosopher, Aristotle, once said; "You are what you repeatedly do ". Habits are conditioned responses, formed through repetition, until the actions or reactions become second nature ) ... More
Fasting in Ramadan - Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason
Number of comments: 2
Opinion Summary: Agree:0  Disagree:1  Neutral:1

6/30/2015 - Religious - IC1008-4255
By: A K M Mohiuddin - IslamiCity* -

While fasting in Ramadan we should keep our goal firmly fixed on what Allah (swt) has set for us, that is to acquire taqwa. All the other benefits will follow automatically. It would be a mistake to let ourselves be distracted by aiming for those benefits .) ... More
Frustration - Summary of my married life!
Number of comments: 2
Opinion Summary: Agree:2  Disagree:0  Neutral:0

6/29/2015 - Religious - IC1506-6093
By: Samina Farooq - IslamiCity* -

It may sound like being ungrateful but the clouds of frustration hovered over me long enough to make me appreciate the beams of sunlight penetrating through. ) ... More
Prophet Muhammad (SAW): The Greatest Human Being
Number of comments: 3

6/27/2015 - Religious - IC1506-6091
By: Dr. Sarah Syed - IslamiCity* -

His life began, ran its extraordinary course, and ended in that most unforgiveable of environments that is most conducive to failing at any task-the desert.) ... More

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