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April 17, 2014 | Jumada Al-Thani 16, 1435
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New startup creates Muslim technology platform
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4/10/2014 - Economic - IC1404-5715
By: Saadia Chaudhry - IslamiCity* -

In 2013 Asad Ansari created MuslimDistrict.com, an interconnected technological platform for sincere Muslims and Muslim-friendly businesses and individuals. ) ... More
Finance Islamic Style
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3/7/2013 - Economic - PN1303-5399
By: Alex Gemeci - Palm National Partners* -

Palm does not lend money and does not charge interest, both of which are not permissible under Islamic law. Islamic law allows the sale and purchase of assets for a profit, either by using all-cash or by installment payments over time, a "rent to own" or "ijara" structure. ) ... More
Islamic Ethical Precepts While Conducting Business
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9/26/2012 - Economic Religious - IC1209-5272
By: Bilal Karima - IslamiCity* -

A Muslim employee is expected to be both professional and spiritual. He joins technical knowledge acquired through education and experience with ethical conduct to produce goods and services to the best of his abilities because he considers work to be a form of worship. ) ... More
Silence Culprit of Our Decline
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3/22/2012 - Economic - IF1203-5048
By: Tarek El Diwany - Islamic-Finance.com* -

If a money lender from the time of Christ had loaned an ounce of gold at 5% annual compound interest, it would today require an amount of bullion weighing several planet Earths in repayment. ) ... More
Lessons from Islamic and Ethical Finance for Today
Number of comments: 8
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3/10/2012 - Economic Social Religious - TM1004-4156
By: Ann Pettifor - Tods Murray* -

Islam expressly prohibits the concentration of wealth in the hands of the few, i.e. hoarding, waste, extravagant consumption and miserliness - the excesses of global financial liberalization are in deep conflict with Muslim values.) ... More
A Summary of the Economic Law of Islam
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The secret Wall Street bailout Audio
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Islamic banking setting new standards in the Persian Gulf countries
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Sukuk and their Contemporary Applications
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6/17/2010 - Economic Religious - IS1006-4197
By: Muhammad Taqi Usmani - ISRA * -

Investment Sukuk worth enormous amounts have appeared in our times, and have been widely subscribed to by many Islamic banks. At the same time, many scholars have expressed their opinions in relation to the compliance of Sukuk with the precepts of the Shariah.) ... More
Equity-focused Islamic market will reap long-term gains
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4/28/2010 - Economic - GT1004-4153
By: Helmi Izham H Rashid - Gulf Times* -

In the absence of ethics and principles, both mudaraba and musharaka are also instruments that can be abused. At the macro level, however, the benefits of mudaraba and musharaka are very clear. ) ... More

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