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March 23, 2023 | Ramadan 2, 1444
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Hagia Sofia
Number of comments: 1

6/8/2014 - Travel - IC1207-5193
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

For centuries the Istanbul was known as Constantinople after Constantine The Great, the Roman Emperor who adopted Christianity as the Empire's official religion. Constantine died in 337 and shortly afterward, in 360, the church Hagia Sophia (meaning Holy Wisdom) was inaugurated by Constantinius II.) ... More
A virtual Hajj experience for So Cal Muslims
Number of comments: 4

12/11/2011 - Social Education Travel - IC1111-4930
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

In the IMAX presentation of Journey to Mecca: In the footsteps of Ibn Battuta, viewers can become a virtual companion in the travels of Ibn Battuta ..) ... More
Make Hajj greener
Number of comments: 2

Islamic Internationalism Audio
Number of comments: 3

2/13/2011 - Social Travel Education - IC1102-4486
By: Ross E. Dunn - IslamiCity* -

In the age of the global village we might not be terribly surprised to bump into some old acquaintance while changing planes in Tokyo or Frankfurt. Six centuries ago this was also common for Muslim travelers ..) ... More
The Mosque of Rome
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The Great Mosque of Paris
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Muslim pilgrims to ride first Makkah metro
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Visiting the Islamic Society of Boston
Number of comments: 1

9/27/2010 - Travel - IC1009-4302
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

The Islamic Society of Boston is a cultural landmark and continues to grow into a cultural center that is the largest Islamic center in New England ..) ... More
The Islamic Center in Washington D.C.- A Place to Appreciate
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9/22/2010 - Travel - IC1009-4303
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

The oldest Islamic house of worship in the city, the Islamic Center in Washington D.C. is a symbol of Islam in America ..) ... More
Islamic Cultural Center of New York
Number of comments: 2

9/1/2010 - Travel - IC1008-4279
By: Staff - IslamiCity* -

One of the more architecturally interesting buildings in New York City, the Islamic Cultural Center is often called the "96th Street Mosque" or the "New York Mosque." ) ... More

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